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Group discussion topics to look out for 2022

Group discussion (GD) topics for taking admission in MBA colleges to look out for 2022

Hey Aspirant, MBA admissions are around the corner, and we are sure you will be working hard on preparing for the admissions rounds. Group Discussion (GD) is a process that is synonymous across the B-schools globally. We have highlighted the tips and benefits of GD in our previous blog.

In this blog, we highlight some of the major topics and give fundamental insights into those. We have specially curated the market-relevant topics to enhance your GD deliverability and make the process easier.

Let’s go through some of the significant topics that are relevant to 2021-22

1. Web 3.0

Web3, also called Web 3.0, is a decentralized network based on the blockchain system, which already underpins Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Consider it a type of bookkeeping where data is stored on multiple computers simultaneously and is searchable by everyone. It is run by a group of users rather than a corporation. For taking part, people are given “tokens.” The tokens can vote on issues and potentially gain real-world worth.

Group discussion topics to look out for – 2022 -Web 3

Web 3.0 will not fully substitute Web 2.0; instead thrive alongside. Ideally, they will not take out the social media universe but rather make it more blockchain-based social networks and businesses.

2. Confining to the new normal – Where are we headed?

Group discussion topics to look out for – 2022

The onset of Covid has given a paradigm shift in the way industries work. Would we travel the same, socialize the same or work the same? As much as it has posed a threat to the economy, some sectors thrived upon the onset of this pandemic. Redefining the “normal way of living” has become a heavy-lifting task where researchers, policymakers, and everybody in the service sector are reinventing the wheel of normalization. Although light does seem visible as we have begun the phase of endemic with the new variant and hope remains to be the best vaccine of all.

3. Virality in social media

Brands frequently employ the term “viral” in their marketing strategies to promote their products and services. It operates by customers sharing information about a product or service with their friends and family through social media. Typically, viral content has a short shelf life, lasting only a few days or months. The question still remains, should content overtake virality, or should brands focus on concept-based virality to boost the impression scores? The context seems to be the answer.

4. Fintech riding the unicorn wave

Group discussion topics to look out for – 2022

2021 has been a year of unicorns, especially in the Indian Startup environment. India has bought 42 startups whose valuation has crossed $1billion, which is twice the total number of unicorns seen in the last decade. With four startups hitting the unicorn status every month, there were 11 Fintech and e-commerce unicorns the previous year. This behavior is expected to be seen this year as well with the fintech space, as it would further see a disruption. This is mainly because many banks want to tie up with the fintech sector to reach larger masses.

5. Impact of ESG in India

Today’s businesses must have an added layer of ethics and social responsibility. A parallel shift in investor attitude has occurred, with goals extending to include long-term growth and the core goal of wealth accumulation. Boardrooms have taken notice and have begun to implement procedures to guarantee that these standards are satisfied.

India has taken the lead in demanding ethical commitments from businesses for some time, having been the first country to legislate corporate social responsibility. Accordingly, SEBI published a circular on May 10, 2021, establishing the Business Responsibility and Sustainability Report (BRSR), which would take the Business Responsibility Reporting (BRR) place. For the top 1000 listed businesses by market capitalization, the new reporting format outlines mandatory ESG policies and standards. The framework is based on the “National Guidelines on Responsible Business Conduct’s” nine principles (RBC Guidelines).

We hope this blog is helpful. However, this just gives a head start to your preparation. We recommend you read further into these topics to increase your understanding to make a stronger case. Wish you the best in getting into your dream B-School.

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