Gaurav Singh, PGDM, Jaipuria Noida, Class 2018’s journey from South to North is helping him both teach and learn from his friends

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What’s with learning Management from a diverse pool of peers?
Read how Gaurav Singh, PGDM, Jaipuria Noida, Class 2018’s journey from South to North is helping him both teach and learn from his friends

Jaipuria Institute of Management campuses attract students from different backgrounds in large numbers. Be it culture, state, academic, professional, language and gender. The school ensures the classroom experience for its students to be diverse in as many ways as possible. This diversity also gets shaped by a sizeable number of engineering graduates who come to the B-School to further their career prospects. Gaurav Singh is one of them. With over a year’s experience to boot, the Bangalore boy made the journey across the length of the country to Noida. He believes there has been a similar upward moving trajectory in his growth as an individual since.

Climbing North with a purpose

Gaurav admits that his decision to enroll with Jaipuria, Noida was a calculated and carefully thought out decision. According to him, “The Marketing course offered at this campus was unique and included practical exposure in 2nd trimester. I am interested in Marketing domain and I had noticed that there are many exciting opportunities in the North in this field.”

The decision might have been a straightforward one for Gaurav, but it couldn’t have been without any hiccups. After all, relocating from one end of the country to another cannot be easy. However he looks at the positives as he says, “Well, the food can be a problem sometimes. But these issues would crop up no matter where you moved in the world; you have to be flexible.”

Working his way up the success ladder

After completing his degree in Mechanical Engineering, Gaurav worked with JV Global for one year and six months. He worked as a trainer with the company and claims that it was challenging because the crowd varies with their expectations with a time cap. He knew it was time for a change and take things to a higher level.

Talking about his aspirations Gaurav says, “I came here because I want to have good career opportunities in the future, become a resource person and a more responsible individual. I think I have already become a more independent individual, who is also reliable and can handle different challenges that are thrown at me.”

Learning through sharing

Gaurav stresses on the fact that his work experience has not only helped him during the program but his batch mates as well. “With my job I had to meet different types of people on a daily basis. So I knew about people management, which I learned in the Organizational Behavior course. I have tried to share my experiences with friends to make things relatable for them too,” he says.

At the same time Gaurav remains aware of the fact that he has gained a lot by interacting with batch mates from all over the country with different professional and academic backgrounds. “Peers have unique potential, and learning opportunity is always available. Concept of group formation and various tasks with the same team is amazing,” he ends enthusiastically.