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From Jodhpur to Jaipur and now all set for hitting the ground running, Nikita Thomas bags the placement of her choice

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Nikita Thomas, a spritely young girl from Jodhpur comes to Jaipuria, Jaipur to pursue her management dreams. She’s specializing in Human Resources and Marketing, and believes her stint at the B School has helped her overall personality. And it was that confidence and outgoing nature that made her standout in placement interviews for Mancer Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd. So it wasn’t a surprise that she got hired as a Management Trainee with the reputed company, which she believes will be a major stepping stone for her career.

Talking about her experience during the all important interview with the company, Nikita says, “My social skills helped me make an impression. I was given situation based questions and had to think of solutions instantly. I managed to pull it off on the back of the confidence I had gained at my institute having gone through similar exercises involved in our learning process.”

Thus Jaipuria, Jaipur had prepared a small town girl like Nikita to take on the challenges in the real, big world out there. But for the young student there was a lot more to what she’d learned at the institute than professional learning. “Of course all my concepts were clear thanks to the academic excellence our institute focuses on. But it made a huge difference to my overall development as I had several opportunities to express myself. And it has helped me shed my inhibitions to a great extent,” she says thoughtfully.

Nikita believes that a professional program like hers is important for aspirants of the corporate world today. And that’s because it offers a holistic learning experience for young aspiring professionals. “You need to put your best foot forward in the professional walk of your life and a program like this can help you immensely.”

Nikita comes from an army family background, which she believes makes her more adaptable to situations evolving around her. Hence she feels she’d be able to take the new challenges of her job in her stride. “I think I’d be able to adapt to my company’s culture and perform well in my assigned role. I am a quick learner and with the training the company provides me I will be able to perform given the current market scenario,” she says confidently.

So what does Nikita think of the present market scenario in the first place? She ponders before replying, “The market scenario won’t affect you if you are hardworking and committed to your job. In fact, more turbulent the economy, greater is the scope for innovations and new opportunities. I am confident that I will grow professionally and make a place for myself in the company.”

Is there one particular aspect of her learning, personality that Nikita would like to bring to her job to make an impression? “I am a member of Media Relations Club at Jaipuria, Jaipur and it has helped me discover my writing talent. Perhaps I can contribute to the quarterly journal of my company at a later stage,” she says with a smile.

It’s Nikita’s effervescent self and outgoing personality that leaves a lasting impression. But she clearly has her head on her shoulders and it reflects in the advice she offers her juniors and future aspirants. “Broaden your horizons by participating in different activities and be open to learning. All of us get equal opportunities, what matters is how you explore and exploit them,” she says. Those seem to be words of experience as Nikita has made the most of the opportunity she got and is now raring to go.

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