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Making it to Deloitte- How did the B.Tech. + PGDM with dual specialisation combination act as the perfect fit?

Kushagra Saxena was the first person called inside the interview room when interviewers from Deloitte had arrived on the Jaipuria Institute of Management’s Jaipur campus. He sailed through the Technical Round and was made to wait for 6 long hours till his turn came for the second interview round. Every bit of his body was hurting from fatigue and immense anxiety but he knew, his patience will take him to the organization he has been preparing for, since so many years of his academic life.

This Jaipur boy had once read the American Charismatic- Joyce Meyer’s quote that stressed- “Patience is not simply the ability to wait – it’s how we behave while we’re waiting,” and that day, during the interview, he just could not shrug Joyce Meyer from his mind. He felt his interviewers are observing him and he needs to keep his calm and poise, no matter the circumstances. And Kushagra waited patiently.

Finally, his name got announced and he was the second last person to enter the interview room. “Even though I expected they might be exhausted by then, but it was completely on the contrary. My interviewers had multiple questions coming my way but the trickiest of them was- ‘What do you think makes you fit for the position of Associate Solution Advisor because you had also chosen marketing as one of your specializations?’ I knew this particular answer would decide the outcome of this interview and will make or break my dream.“

Kushagra had picked his specialisations very carefully. He opted for IT as one of the area and Operations & Marketing as another. And he used his foresight to even do a very strategic internship with Mahindra Special Services Group (SSG), New Delhi. Mahindra SSG is a corporate security risk consulting firm that helps organizations reduce risks and enhance competitive advantages and our boy from Jaipuria Institute of Management, Jaipur completed his summer internship project on- “Analysis of Risks and Risk Consulting Firms of India”. While Deloitte came in search of its Associate Solution Advisor – Financial and Risk Advisory, Kushagra’s summer internship experience seemed like an obvious fit to the position on offer. But what did Kushagra exactly answer to make his specialization in Marketing seem like an instant hit to the Deloitte interviewers? He said in simple words- “Knowledge in Marketing is a value add for all profiles, across all organizations. Plus, my internship being highly relevant to the job on offer and my specialization bringing the Midas touch, I believe I am fitter for this job than any other applicant present here today.”

On 5th September, (yes, Teachers Day!) the results were finally announced. A lot of students had sat for the process and 35 were selected for the first interview round. The numbers went on decreasing one round after the other and till the ultimate round- Kushagra survived. “Deloitte is almost every Management students’ dream company. When I had first joined Jaipuria, I did not know my PGDM would help me to reach this far. And the good part is, I will be utilizing both my qualifications- B.Tech. and PGDM at this profile offered by Deloitte.”

Kushagra’s profile will demand him to have sound knowledge of different computer languages alongside various Management skills to execute his daily tasks around identifying and evaluating complex business risks, testing and analysing emerging IT areas and much more!

“But having all said and done, I will miss my B-school for billion reasons. The fest, the conclaves, my responsibilities as the SPOC of MRC, pulling all-nighters to complete assignments, the Singapore trip, bunking class for Nahargarh fort, the silly conversations with friends, being awed by teachers and lecturers, Jaipuria, Jaipur has been everything for the last 2 years of my life,” says Kushagra nostalgically. The boy is now all set to become the new Associate Solution Advisor – Financial and Risk Advisory of Deloitte- the largest professional services network of the world.

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