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From Indore to Indiana, Amrita Ludhwani’s International adventure pays off

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Imagine being in a bus filled with International students heading to a field trip in a foreign country and your error leaves the Assistant Dean of the university behind. This almost comical incident happened with Amrita Ludhwani, Jaipuria Institute of Management, Indore as she was on her USA Summer Training Programme. But it’s these experiences that not only make for interesting stories but life lessons you get from living in foreign lands. And Amrita certainly wasn’t going to miss the bus full of life shaping, career defining experiences from the programme.

United colors of peer-to-peer kinship
Jaipuria Institute of Management’s International Relations Committee presented the exciting opportunity for students at Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP), Indiana, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. “During the programme I got to interact with students from South India, Norway, Germany and the US, of course. It is the exposure I received while interacting with peers from different cultures that I truly cherish,” she says.

And what would the discussions be about? Amrita smiles and says the Cultural differences, environment conditions, arranged marriages; she rattles some of the topics. “In the class, very concept was discussed in relation to Norway, India and America and those used to be the best parts, which also made us aware the happenings around the world.



Experiences galore
What followed was an intensive learning experience with solid practical exposure. How often do management aspirants from India get to visit the premises of International biggies like Walmart, Bayer and Heinz Field. When you get such an opportunity, you grab it with both hands and make your mark. Amrita did just that when she visited the Walmart Distribution centre of Pennsylvania. “I raised a lot of questions there, which were quite appreciated by the Operational Manager. Those questions and the confidence to ask them came from my training at Jaipuria Institute of Management, Indore,” she says strongly.

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