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From Azamgarh to Jaipur and now to a bigger city, Jaipuria’s Vishal Singh is poised for success

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Moving from a small town to a large city can be a challenge for anyone. The culture shock alone can be a daunting obstacle to overcome, but it is something that Vishal Singh took in stride. Hailing from the town of Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh, Vishal spent his youth there. After completing his schooling, Vishal travelled to Allahabad for further studies, eventually graduating with a BBA in Marketing and Human Resources.

With a BBA under his belt, Vishal decided that he still needed an edge to make him standout amongsthis peers. For this reason, he decided to go in for further education at Jaipuria Institute of Management. As Vishal explains the reasoning behind this decision, “Jaipuria is one of the top B-schools in India, and it has four campuses.” With his decision made, Vishal began his educational endeavours at Jaipuria.

Although he had grown up in a smaller town, Vishal embraced his new life in Jaipur city. He says, “I got many chances to participate in the many conferences across the four campuses, in events that were related to HR, Finance, Marketing, and IT. Participation in these events helped me to improve my personality and confidence. Jaipuria has a great infrastructure and excellent faculty members spread across the four campuses. These are all things that helped me to improve my overall personality.”

It is this shift in personality that Vishal credits the Jaipuria Institute of Management with most. “When I tried for admission into the Jaipuria Institute of Management, I didn’t have a lot of confidence to face an audience. Jaipuria gave me the platform to groom my personality. I have performed in singing competitions, participated in sporting events, and even participated in a “virtual trading game” that was organised by ICICI bank. I was able to win first prize and qualified for the national level.”

All of Vishal’s hard work and perseverance paid off at Jaipuria when he was offered a position with HINDWARE as a management trainee in Sales. As Vishal states, “Everyone wants to work with a good brand name, and HINDWARE has a very good image within the marketplace. It offers a good chance to grow because the Indian real-estate industry is booming. Because of this, HINDWARE represents a great opportunity for continued growth within the company.” In hindsight, Vishal believes that several factors contributed to him landing the role, factors such as good communication, confidence, humbleness, rural customer knowledge, and adaptability. All of these skills were things that he learned while at the Jaipuria Institute of Management.

In looking back at his educational career, Vishal has the following advice for those juniors who wish to follow in his footsteps: “I suggest that every student take part in each activity in college, and try to participate in as many conferences as they can.”
Given the success that Vishal has achieved, growing from a small town boy into an urban businessman, this is sage advice for those who want to fulfill their aspirations.

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