For Prachi Kettry, Jaipuria Jaipur (2014-16), talks about how her 2 journey has taken her further

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Prachi has joined Deloitte India as a Tax Consultant with a salary package of Rs. 5.35 lacs p.a. She shares her Jaipuria Jaipur experience and how it has helped her reach where she is today.

I come from The Great City of Joy- Kolkata. I have done my BBA-Marketing from Shri Shikshayatan College which is affiliated to Calcutta University.
The BBA is known as a mini MBA. For career progression, I opted for the PGDM, which involves a more enriching experience. The presentations, case studies, projects, and research papers improve understanding of business. Another reason for pursuing MBA was to build a network and to discard my stage fear.

Coming to Jaipuria Jaipur was indeed a big decision for my family and me. I have been in Kolkata with my family all my life. Convincing them about the move was a challenge. However once I made them understand the importance of taking my career to a next level and how Jaipuria would help me with this, they were convinced. I will always be grateful to them for their support and for the faith that they entrusted on me.

At Jaipuria, I have learnt to do more than one thing at a time, and have gained considerable knowledge. Staying away from home, Jaipuria Jaipur has helped me to become independent. This has boosted my self-confidence and has helped me improve my socializing and leadership skills. Also, it has helped to broaden my horizons.

My stage fear has vanished. Continuous and rigorous presentations helped me to overcome this problem and boosted my confidence. Also, doing an MBA from a reputed B-school gave me a great opportunity to network with smart students and achievers. My internship experience was also useful in building my skills. I accomplished my SIP from Emami Limited, Kolkata in their Finance and Accounting function. My project was based on analysing the financial statements and of the company, while comparing its working capital trend with competitors.

Another self-development aspect at Jaipuria Jaipur are the extra-curricular opportunities. During the two years I participated in many activities, including Basics of Communication Skills, Duet Dance, Paper Dance event in “Abhyudaya-National Inter-College Annual Fest and many more.

After all this, I do see a large difference between myself and my BBA batchmates in terms of professional approach towards my work and occupation. The skills that Jaipuria has instilled in me has made me more efficient and productive. Its healthy campus life has added on in grooming myself and has taught me to cope with life, not only academically, but also practically.
My role in Deloitte will be of a Tax Consultant-1. The key responsibility will be filing tax returns for the US clients, acting in compliance with the US tax laws. It will require working in teams, supporting one another. Along with this, there will be continuous training and e-learning sessions.

Good communication skills are important to make an impact, so I would advise the current batch to work on that. Show recruiters your positive side and stay calm while speaking. Be brief and give to the point answers, especially in the technical round. They do not appreciate confusing answers at all. Have clarity in your thoughts. Don’t overdo anything. To prepare yourself for the interview, start preparing your answers now. Write down your answers somewhere, get it reviewed by your faculty mentor and read them once every day. This will build up your confidence and on the final day, you can answer them without any hesitation. Trust me, it helped me a lot!