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First TEDx event at Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida becomes a resounding success

Jaipuria, Noida campus was abuzz on 25 th September as the B School hosted its first TEDx event that brought leading personalities from different walks of life to the stage. Organized by the International Relations Committee (IRC), the event became a melting pot of ideas, beliefs, philosophies and a potent dose of inspiration for the audience as leaders, thinkers and motivational speakers shared their views and experiences with them.

Ms. Sheena Chohan, Actress and Human Rights Ambassador (UN), Dr. Malini Subramaniam, Director, Forensic Sciences Laboratory; Mr. Inspiring Ilango, Author, Brand Ambassador, Namakkal Transport Carriers, Mr. MVN Rao, SVP and Global Head – HR, L&T, Mr. Prashant Ingole, Bollywood Filmmaker, Lyricist and Writer, Mr. Taran Singh Bedi, Director, Tiemac Snack Food Pvt. Ltd, Ms. Puja Tiwari, Positive Political Activist, and Mr. Swapnil Tiwari, Sociopreneur, Ambassador UNESCO Peace Awardee 2018 were the marquee names on stage.

Dr. D.N Pandey, Director and Mr. Shreevats Jaipuria, Vice Chairman, Jaipuria Group of Institutes welcomed the guests and the audience warmly. “Whatever happens in arts, science, politics or environment enables a new movement and cross relates to something we do. Nothing is outside the realms and boundaries of our abilities,” said Mr. Shreevats Jaipuria, setting the tone for the day’s proceedings.


Ms. Sheena Chohan then set the ball rolling with her moving talk on Power of Art. She discussed
the ill effects of digital content available to the youth today. She made her point about looking at art forms responsibly because she believes that art holds the future of humankind. Moving from arts to forensic science was an unexpected twist, just like in the TV shows that revolve around them. And Dr. Malini Subramaniam often called Dr. Narco, made sure the talk was extremely engaging.

She has over three decades of experience as a distinguished academic, clinical and forensic expert. She took the audience into the fascinating world of polygraph, narco-analysis, brain mapping and asserted, “Forensic science minimizes the time of investigation and also respects the constitutional right.” From the somber world of forensics to spritely, effervescent Mr. Inspiring Ilango was another interesting turn in the day’s packed schedule.

Born completely blind and bullied in his childhood, Mr. Ilango converted the troubles into motivation, which was the turning point in his life. “It is forgivable if one is blind, but it is completely unpardonable if one is without vision,” he said to a huge round of applause from the audience. Mr. MVN Rao shared the story of his own inspiration, which lies in his daughters. He thus made a strong case for personal relationships in the times of social media and limited attention spans.

“A person learns more from his or her failures. Success in life is determined by the relationships a person maintains and not the millions one invests in acquaintances,” was the lasting thought he left with the audience. Mr. Prashant Ingole took the idea further by stressing on people’s obsession with wealth rather than reflecting on one’s thoughts. Mr. Taran Singh Bedi highlighted
the importance of minimalism through the example of Japan.

Ms. Puja Tiwari captivated the audience instantly as she opened her talk with, “If you cannot find your purpose, find your passion, it will lead you to your purpose.” Passion was definitely the topic of her talk and it was brimming through her words. Mr. Swapnil Tiwari, a change maker and Padma Shri awards nominee for 2020, lives by the motto, “You are the hero you seek.” He
urged the audience to be change makers themselves, which ended the series of talks on a powerful and inspiring note.

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