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First International MDP on Financial and Inventory Mangament held at Mumbai conducted by Jaipuria Jaipur

An International MDP for senior government officials of Bhutan was conducted on “Financial and Inventory Management” at Mumbai15-17 December 2014. It was done in collaboration with Institute of Management Studies, Bhutan.

The MDP covered various aspects on Financial and Inventory Management touching upon basics and shared the contemporary trends in the field which was well appreciated by the participants .The MDP was spread across three days .The first two days covered major aspects of Financial management. The day three had sessions on inventory management.

The session coverage on Financial management were as follows:

  • Conceptual Framework to Financial Accounting
  • Project Management in Government Setup
  • Regulatory Trends in Project Accounting
  • Project Financing in Contemporary Environment
  • Capital Budgeting – Techniques and Recent Trends
  • Working Capital Management – Challenges and Innovations
  • Behavioral Aspects in Accounting and Finance

Session on effective managerial skills was conducted by Dr. Nidhi Vashishth where she covered important aspects of effective management.

The sessions on Inventory Management had following coverage:

  • Inventory Management, Inventory models, industry practices MRPI,MRPII,SAP
  • Logistics& SCM Today’s challenges, JIT, Kanban
  • Suppliers’ management current scenario, MCD at Mahindra, case study

The session was conducted by Mr.Balwant Joshi an Ex-Mahindra and Mahindra officer and an active consultant and visiting faculty to b-schools.


Participants Profile: There were 16 participants in all and they hailed from various National Conservation projects sponsored by the government .They were on positions like Project Accountants, Store In-charges and Officers in various government projects.

Methodology: The three day MDP was held in a very interactive and participative manner. It was designed keeping in mind the expectations shared by them. Lot of group work and case analysis made the sessions very informative and aimed towards specific learning.

Later the participants had field visit where they saw historical monuments in and around Mumbai.

The participants enjoyed being in Mumbai and acquiring knowledge of latest innovations in architecture and technology prevalent in India.

Culture Exchange: It was also an opportunity for us to know about the culture and traditions of Bhutan and while Bhutan is one of the smallest countries in the world, its cultural diversity and richness are profound. As such, strong emphasis is laid on the promotion and preservation of its unique culture. By protecting and nurturing Bhutan’s living culture it is believed that it will help guard the sovereignty of the nation.

“We are thankful to jaipuria Institute and we need to learn more about modern technology specially in the field financial and inventory management.”
Mr. Tenzin Dorji

“Well arranged and excellent learning”
Mr. Rinchen Wangdi


Overall the program was quite successful and sets a stage for future programs and collaboration with Bhutan.

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