First inter-college LAN gaming competition held at Jaipuria Noida ‘RaceWars’ sends Delhi’s pulse racing much before the F1 Grand Prix!

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On the 20th of September 2012, the IT club of Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida hosted its first ever inter-college event. ‘RaceWars’, as the event was called, pitted the best teams in the Delhi-NCR college circuit against each other, in a cyber-game of car racing. With teams from institutes like Amity Business School, NDIM, IMS Noida, IIPM, Delhi College of Engineering and AISM locking horns with the cyber racers of Jaipuria Noida, the entire affair promised to be a super-hit right from the beginning.

There were four of us – Gaurav, Karan, Akshay, and yours truly, Hemant, who could claim ‘RaceWars’ as their brain-child; but in all honesty, the idea was sown in our heads by Professor Richa Mishra. ‘RaceWars’ was conceived as an inter-college affair in the first meeting the four of us held, but in  further discussions we decided to play it big, turning it into an inter-college affair. All of us were quite surprised by the immediate and positive responses of quite a few colleges that we spoke to.

Somehow from Day 1 itself, the event was registered in our minds as ‘RaceWars’. We carried out a detailed planning session and decided that the best way forward would be to divide the members of our IT Club into different teams. These were the Event Coordinators (Chitra and myself); Lab coordinators (Akshay, Tarun, Gaurav, Tarun Suneja, Sharad, Shashank and Ashish Sharma), Promotion Team (Lidiya, Eureka, Tushar and Subhanshi) and Hospitality team (Karan, Gurneet and Sakshi).

As is always the case, the initial part of getting the ‘RaceWars’ organised was the toughest, especially the installation of the right game; but we didn’t quit, and the credit for this goes to our lab coordinators, Mr. Satyendra and Mr. Ajay Rana. In fact, Mr. Ajay Rana devoted his entire holiday to the job, and  we finally cracked the problem by the evening of the auspicious Ganesh Chaturthi.

The thing about Jaipuria Noida is that you’ve got to plan your events within the curriculum schedule itself. In fact, barely a couple of days before ‘RaceWars’, we had to take our excel proficiency tests, and then spend the entire day in the event lab to make sure that all would go smoothly.

As they say, ‘A job well begun, is half the job done.’ On the day of the event, our Registration Counter was up, bang on time. We had targeted about 40 students, but were pleasantly surprised when the numbers crossed the figure. At the end, there were more than 80 entries for the first round. Before we could exult over this small success, my roommate, Deepinder, was taken ill and a few of the participants had to take him to the hospital. Deepinder, like the sport that he is, refused to let me accompany him, saying that I was needed at Jaipuria Noida for the success of ‘RaceWars’.

‘RaceWars’ was ‘flagged-off’ in true F1 style by Dr. A.K. Singh, Director, Jaipuria Noida, in the presence of the entire faculty. All of them tried their hand on the game; we, of course, let no opportunity go by to make them realise that they needed a lot of practice on cyber games. It felt good to teach the teachers! Funnily, they seemed to be driving within the speed limit and following traffic rules in the virtual world too! The good part was that a lot of faculty members of Jaipuria Noida asked me for the setup of the cybergames, so I’m counting on a better performance from them next year.

At the business end of the competition, we faced a bit of a technical snag right at the beginning of the first round. Luckily, it was sorted out soon and thereafter, the event progressed with uninterrupted fluency, round after round. There were four rounds in the event and the races were ‘Sprint’ and ‘Circuit’ alternatively.

The prizes were given away by a beaming Dr. A.K. Singh, Director, Jaipuria Noida. He looked even more proud of us than we ourselves were on having conducted our first ever IT inter-college event. The pride was doubled by the fact that the first prize went to our colleague, Rahul Gupta, from Jaipuria Noida. The second and third places were taken by Swastik and Abhishek respectively, both from NDIM, New Delhi. Certificates of participation were distributed among those who were able to clear the knockout round.

On a concluding note, Dr. A.K. Singh, Director, Jaipuria Noida, announced that the IT Labs will shortly be upgraded so that ‘RaceWars 2013’ can be organised on a much grander scale. It was a true recognition of our hard work by Jaipuria Noida.