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Faculty of HR & OB at Jaipuria Noida,Dr.Shalini Shrivastava, spearheads student satisfaction survey initiative

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No one is perfect. This applies to Institutions too. But only those who try to overcome their weaknesses and strive for perfection finally reach the top. Jaipuria Institute of Management Noida is going out of the way to help students reach the pinnacle of success by ironing out the bottlenecks. Spearheading this mission, along with the Director General Jaipuria Institute of Management ( All campuses) J.D. Singh, is Dr. Shalini Shrivasta, Associate professor OB & HR.

Dr. Shalini is a hardcore researcher, who is using her skills for the benefit of students, what if she has to go the extra mile and devote more time. Although just a year old in the organisation, this veteran’s contribution to the organisation will be remembered for years to come. And this is just the beginning. “The whole project is based on students’ feedback on every aspect of the institution. After going through each and every suggestion, certain decisions have been taken, and results will be in front of everyone very soon”, says Dr. Shalini. “Importantly, this student satisfaction survey is not just a one-time exercise. This will be a regular phenomenon and students will have every opportunity to get their problems redressed “, adds Dr.Shalini.

Associate professor Dr. Shalini Srivastava is very happy that she got an opportunity to work in an esteemed organisation like Jaipuria Noida which is devoted to students’ welfare.

Apart from her academic talent, what makes Dr. Shalini stand out is her enthusiasm and love for the profession. “I tell my students that they should do what they love to do, and everything else will fall in line”, says Dr.Shalini, without realizing that she is thumping the table. Well, it is heartening to see a teacher thumping the table for students cause. Dr.Shalini has been in the academics for the last fifteen years. Teaching OB & HR at Jaipuria Noida, she has an advice for HR students—be ready to slog in the initial years and career will boom after that. Contrary to popular belief that HR is easy, she stresses that it is equally demanding and requires one to put in the best in order to succeed.

She busts the myth that HR is for girls. “Now, boys outnumber and outshine girls in HR. It is no longer dominated by girls. Anyone who understands human behavior and knows how to deal with people can carve a niche for oneself”, says Dr.Shalini. This hardcore professional is a mother too, who is happy that she is able to spend quality time with her baby. Although she sometimes calls her second year students Beta(Son), but she considers them budding mangers who are mature and ready to take on the fierce world of Business.

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