Facilitating discovery of potential – Says, Professor Ritika Gugnani, Jaipuria Noida

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You can’t teach anything, you can only help students explore knowledge and their own potential! Ritika Gugnani, Professor for Economics as well as Corporate Governance and Business Ethics. She has faith in this maxim and designs and conducts her courses in a completely student-centric manner.

A double postgrad in Economics and Management, Prof. Gugnani effortlessly integrates Economics and Management in various courses. Her doctoral research is in the area of management and commerce. She believes that academics should have an approach that leads to the exploration of an individual’s potential. As she says, “My teaching philosophy is to make things interesting, relevant and hands-on in the class.”

Prof. Gugnani is attuned to industry dynamics and recommends updating the curriculum every year in order to make the course challenging, relevant and synchronised with changes in industry. Her focus remains on making the course interactive in such a way that the students are able to integrate the knowledge acquired in different subjects. In fact, she believes that the students should build the capacity to critically evaluate the lectures and learning and question the concerned faculty member where required.

“Less is more” is the mantra referring to the depth of the learning rather than the breadth. Often quoted by the Director, this is a philosophy she follows.. Prof. Gugnani uses a lot of videos, discussions, latest news and class room experiments to make her content more relevant and updated. The whole idea is to make the learning process more interesting and interactive. One of the ways in which this idea was implemented was by using overseas projects as an opportunity to let students and faculty learn the challenges and opportunities of working with multi-cultural teams in a cross-border environment.

Prof. Gugnani builds on her own skill base as well and is a proactive contributor to her field. From the 1st to the 20th of July 2012, she went School of Engineering and Business, Vaud (HEIG-VD), Switzerland for a Summer Exchange as a Project Guide. The group of students she interacted with constituted Americans, Swiss nationals, French and Indians. Three students – Surubhi, Nikita and Ankit from PGDM(SM) 2011-13 Batch – accompanied her on this exchange programme. In 20 days, the group studied the various companies operating in Switzerland to understand their work culture, human resource practices, supply chain management, and quality management practices. It was an invaluable learning environment for all concerned.

An avid reader and music lover, Prof. Gugnani says that Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida is a blend of modernity and traditional educational practices. She believes it’s a strong learning community, which is making a mark in the world.