What to expect in CAT 2019

Expect the Unexpect at CAT 2019

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There are a few things generally associated with the CAT exam. The toughest, most crucial and unpredictable. All those who are appearing in CAT 2019 should be well aware that the exam has always been covered with an element of surprise, unpredictability and uncertainty and aspirant should always be ready for it.

If there is one thing that aspirants can learn from previous CAT papers is to expect the unexpect. The CAT exam is known for not repeating previous years’ questions. It is wrong to expect that a particular question from a particular chapter will come in that particular form only rather it is designed in a fashion that multiple skills are tested from one question so it is a merger of two to three concepts. CAT can twist even the simplest of questions, leaving the candidates surprised and shocked. The idea driving the exam is to test how well the aspirants perform under pressure, hence the consistent twists and turns, sometimes, just before the exam, to unsettle the aspirants and make it more competitive.

It is safe to bet on the unpredictability of CAT. It is impossible to predict the structure and content of CAT, as the pattern keeps changing every year. Looking at previous year papers one can safely say that every year the exam is different and predictability is zero.

CAT can put off even the best of candidates with its surprises, which may vary from something like offering the help of an online calculator to setting the paper in the usual mode without any surprises. As an aspirant it is important to take all the surprises that CAT throws at them. Practise mock CAT offered by IIMs this will definitely hone you preparation further. Manage your time judiciously, you will not be allowed to revisit the section, despite time availability, once you submit the individual section, even if there is sufficient time.

It is not essential that CAT 2019 will be an exact version of this mock test but in past whenever IIMs have introduced changes they have usually introduced them through official mocks. We cannot rely on this completely but can take this as a warning sign and be ready for this kind of pattern as well.
Team Jaipuria wishes you all the best for CAT 2019!!!