Ex-professionals bring their experience, freshers come with new perspectives. Rahul Sharma believes that it creates a stimulating mix of talent at Jaipuria, Lucknow

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Rahul Sharma, student of PGDM Batch 18 at Jaipuria, Lucknow believes that staying in your hometown might offer you familiar comforts, but moving away makes you adaptable and teaches you crucial life skills. Recruiters today want to hire professionals who are willing to adapt and change. “At Jaipuria, Lucknow cultural diversity is integral; so there are many students like me and I instantly felt at home here. So it was the perfect decision for me, both personally and professionally,” says the student from Assam who had a year’s experience to boot as well.

He has travelled the distance from the stunning North East to the historic city of Lucknow. But according to Rahul this is just the beginning and he can go far boosted by the learning at his B School; there’s history of his own to be made.

Big decision, made calmly

Rahul had already worked for a year with a Prodigy Communication and Marketing Pvt. Ltd as an Outdoor Sales Executive. But he was of the opinion that you can earn money anytime, knowledge should be gathered as early as you can. That’s why he took the plunge at the B School that has come to be the knowledge hub amongst management aspirants all over the country.

“Three things about Jaipuria, Lucknow attracted me to it – the brand name, the education structure and the faculty team. I also got a positive feedback from the seniors when I was doing my research about the institute. I knew my future would be in safe hands with the institute. I am glad I made that decision because it has a welcoming environment too and I have never felt that I am away from home,” he says thoughtfully.

Making your past work for you

A commerce graduate, Rahul was always clear that a Bachelor’s degree wasn’t enough to give him the edge in the competitive professional world. Hence going back to studies after working for a year seemed like the best thing to do. “I think without a management degree I would find it difficult to take my job profile to a higher level. But after my PGDM I am convinced that I will be picked for better positions,” he says candidly.

Rahul has already managed to use his work experience to his advantage in the classroom. He claims that it has been not only been helpful in understanding concepts but while performing in different challenges as well. “Having the real world experience to fall back on when you are trying to understand new concepts is definitely useful. I feel I will have the right blend of professional experience and academic qualifications after this program,” he adds confidently.

Knowledge sharing at the heart of learning on the campus

For Rahul, studying with a diverse group of people at Jaipuria, Lucknow has been one of the highlights of the learning experience. He admits that meeting students from various states on campus is exciting. It has helped him adjust and adapt to all kinds of situations and different kinds of people.

“There is a high level of exchange of knowledge between peers here and I believe that is extremely beneficial. We learn by sharing ideas with each other all the time. Given our diverse backgrounds we have different perspectives, which actually help our teamwork. I believe we have all grown through this experience,” he says.