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EQ or IQ – Dr. J. P Upadhyay, Director – Japruia Indore, engages the students on one of the most important management debates

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Jaipuria Indore students had an enriching session on 23rd of February with the Director,Dr.J. P.Upadhyay,on the MBTI model and importance of Emotional Quotient(EQ). Dr Upadhyay started off with describing MBTI as a self awareness tool and how it helps managers to become more aware of their personlaity type and EQ level.
Creating a context for the model, he explained how longitudinal research from Harvard Business School (arguably the best B- School in the world today) indicated that some of the students with even the best IQ levels did very well initially, but some of them slipped off the track and lost momentum within 10 years. The research clearly indicated through this example, that a high IQ level was not a predictor of sustained growth in life. On the other hand, some of the students from Harvard were growing exceptionally well and living a balanced life. The psychological profiling (MBTI) of both these groups of students indicated that what separated themwas the Emotional Quotient.
Dr.Upadhyay went on to say that even though many Western countries were developed, many people there were still on the quest for happiness, while others from poorer countries were happier with their lives. Once again, the difference between these people boiled down to the EQ.
He then expanded his talk and laid emphasis on the importance of controlling ouremotions; unless we do that, emotions could quickly take control of us. This he said was important as students will soon be starting their professional journey and will be required to manage different relationships – be it reporting to superiors or managing large teams or even dealing with customers and suppliers.
He then went on to explain the model, which consisted of the following elements:

Self Awareness- Social Awareness

Self management- Relationship Management

He concluded by circulating an MBTI questionnaire,which students filled, and then helped them to track their personality types using their responses to the questions. This will be a start of the series of sessions that the students will undergo as they get to learn more about their EQ level and how they can improve by becoming more aware.

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