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Encore-3 Keeps Jaipuria Indore Enthralled

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A report by Snehlata Kashyap, MRC Member

Jaipuria Indore hosted ‘Encore 3’ recently, a fun and entertainment filled day for all students and faculty members of the institute. The inaugural session was a ‘Presentation, Design and Delivery’ contest. It began with undergraduates making presentations and was taken forward by post graduate students and finally, by the professionals. The fun factor went up a notch with skits and role plays and the high point of the day came with “Karne Hum Chale MBA”, an album launched at the venue. Honoured guest Mr. Puneet Saluja, Capt. Jaison Thomas, Col. Neeraj Varshney, Mr. Sandeep Atre, Mr. Kinshuk Trivedi and Director J. P. Upadhay launched the music album amidst loud cheers and merriment. The music track had been rendered by Geet Malhotra and Nischay Jamwale, the duo which has composed and put together the whole album. Both students are pursuing a PGDM (2012-13) at Jaipuria Indore and were ecstatic as they said, “We want to thank the entire faculty, especially Prof. Kanak Gupta, for always supporting us and promoting our interest”.

Along with these presentations, the entire campus was converted into the venue for a fete. It was beautifully decorated and there were various stalls for clothing, food and games – all manned by students. After the presentations, everyone came out to relax and enjoy themselves at these stalls. There was a “Litti chokha” stall for those who wanted a taste of Bihar, set up by Piyush, Rahul and Monika. They decided to turn their culinary skills and hobby into something worthy and had all visitors licking their fingers in delight. Everyone, including the Director himself, lined up to taste the yummy litti chokha! Monika shared her successful recipe saying, “We were successful due to our hard work and love for cooking. We Jaipurians are all-rounders in every field!”

The games stalls were set up by Ayush, Tapesh, Vikash and Snehlata. Their concept was a really simple one, based on the finance principle of “the higher the risk, the higher the returns”. The player was supposed to hit a row of glasses with a ball and double his money. This attracted a large crowd of all those keen to make a quick buck – including some faculty members.

Ruchita Agarwal showcased her entrepreneurial skills by putting up a clothing stall with the help of her parents. She offered woolens, blankets, T-shirts and formals. For her, it was wonderful experience and she is working hard to set up her own business. Her parents were happy to set up a stall in the Jaipuria campus and were completely supportive of their daughter.

The evening brought its own share of hype and excitement, with a DJ and dancing. All the students, faculty and guests were on the floor in no time. A bonfire brought some warmth to the winter chill and delicious food and sweets completed the evening. The floor became enthused when news of the placement at a good package of two senior students was passed on, Encore-3 was a huge success and the organising body of students and faculty left no stone unturned to ensure it was so!

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