Dr. Vrinda Jain’s tryst with Economics and her years with Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida

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“Geography has made us neighbors, History has made us friends. And Economics has made us partners,” said John. F. Kennedy once. That’s the wide ranging impact of the subject; from our day to day life to world politics. There are some who might consider Economics a dry topic, but Dr. Vrinda Jain displays tremendous passion for it. The senior faculty member who has been with Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida for years teaches Managerial Economics, Economic Environment of Business and International Economics. Here she talks about her love for the subject and her association with the B School.

Dr. Jain developed a liking for the subject early on in her academic journey. The passion was honed as she pursued her Economics (Hons) from Delhi University. She was fascinated with topics like how does money come into existence, the role of Reserve Bank of India, and policy framework. Looking back on her tryst with Economics, she says, “These topics made me more curious about the subject. I did my post-graduation and Ph. D in Economics because I wanted to dig deeper into this fascinating world. My Ph. D was on International Trade because I was keen on knowing why countries trade, why some of them have common currency etc.”

These questions are extremely relevant in today’s world of globalization. As countries depend on each other, important questions about protectionism imposed by the US, India’s anti-dumping duties etc need to be looked at. Dr. Jain believes that Economics cannot be overlooked by anyone, least of all future managers. Since 2005, she has been trying to impart this knowledge to students at Jaipuria, Noida. “It is up to the faculty members to make the subject more interesting to students. When they come back to you with questions or show a keen interest, you know that you are reaching them.”

And though Dr. Jain says that her Ph. D in International Economics has opened new avenues for her, she gets true satisfaction from working with students and making a change in their lives. She has the fire in her to explore a lot more in areas of research, consultancy and training but imparting her knowledge to students is her driving force. “At Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida we are not just into career coaching. We do our best to enable professional learning and personal grooming in our students. Being closely associated with students as a mentor or in the role of a program director is quite satisfying and stimulating,” she says with the same passion she has for Economics.

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