Dr Vikas Nath of Jaipuria Noida Speaks on his Experience in Teaching

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Dr. Vikas Nath began his career in Management thirteen years ago. He has faced challenges head on and has grown as a person with each road block in his life. Moving through B Schools, Dr. Vikas Nath has gained priceless experiences. “The journey was very exciting,” he recalls. “I started with IMR, went on to become a Reader and Coordinator with affiliated college of GGSIPU and have now joined Jaipuria, Noida.”

Before entering B-Schools, Dr. Nath tried the corporate experience, but it was not for him. He was a teacher through and through, he found, and promptly returned to academics. “Over the years I have learnt a lot and have exercised that learning in my teaching. For me, teaching is two fold. One is to make my students great businessmen and secondly, of equal importance is to help them mature into good human beings,” he says. Because, he finds, deep down inside everybody is a ‘good’ human being. Some have many layers covering that innate goodness. It is his job to peel off those layers so the real person can shine through.

Knowledge shared is knowledge doubled. Dr. Nath’s mission to share as much as he knows, and he is doing it the practical way, which is the best way to teach and learn. Students retain lessons much better when they experience things first hand. “I believe in giving practical knowledge that is not confined within the pages of a book alone,” he confesses. Books guide. For practice you need real life. “At Jaipuria Noida, I take the students to different corporate houses or maybe to a local market to make them understand different market trends and often give them research projects that they work on independently. It helps the students to learn fast and know about the realities of business and market.”

In recent trip to HEIG-VD , while mentoring a team of students from different countries viz Switzerland, America and India, Professor Laurence Firoben of HEIG-VD commented- ” I really like the way you coach students”. In that visit too he inculcated the Spirit of observing practical things done by managers and embed it in ones life.

Being told he is on top of the teachers’ popularity charts at Jaipuria, Noida, brings a smile to the otherwise serious Dr. Vikas Nath’s face. “Thank you,” he says, still smiling. “It feels great. I guess my practical way of teaching may have attracted the students. It actually helps students to understand the market scenario and the quantitative method in a more appropriate way,” he ends, happy in the knowledge that his students value his hard work.

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