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Dr. Moid Uddin Ahmad from Jaipuria presents his research at the prestigious Singapore Economic Review Conference

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Dr. Moid Uddin Ahmad, a faculty member at Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida, recently presented his paper “How effective are the monetary policy changes made by the central bank” at the Singapore Economic Review Conference (SERC).The event is one of the most prestigious conferences in the area of economics and finance, and is held every two years in Singapore. Hosted by Nayanang Technical University (NTU), Singapore, the conference was held on August 5th- 7th and brought together leading names from the field.
The three day event held at the Hotel Mandarin Orchard had 20 expert talks, which included Prof. Euston Quah, NTU, Editor, SER, Mr. Ravi Menon, Governor, Monetary Authority of Singapore, and noted names from Harvard, Cambridge, and Stanford Universities. 250 papers from several South Asian and South East Asian countries, as well as from Australia, New Zealand, Germany and Switzerland, were presented during the conference.

Dr. Ahmad called the event an enriching experience. “This kind of international exposure is critical for academicians and researchers as we are exposed to latest trends in methodology and functional areas,” he elaborated. “You can also learn best practices and collaborate with likeminded people for teaching and research.”

Dr. Ahmad is also the author of the acclaimed book An Uncommon Life and is known for his research in the field of Finance. The paper that he presented at the SERC further bolstered his credentials as it focused on the role of the Reserve Bank of India, or any central bank, in ensuring economic stability in the country. Central Banks use Cash Reserve Ratio and interest rates, like Repo rates, to control liquidity and inflation in the country. But these measures have to be verified and the research, which is a part of a working paper on the theme, strives to test and verify the effectiveness of the changes in monetary and policy rates on the desired critical variables.

If you ask Dr. Ahmad about the paper, he says, “Quite simply, the research aims to offer inputs to decision makers in formulating policies, and contribute to the existing literature on the subject.” While presenting at a conference of this stature was no mean feat, Dr. Ahmad was more upbeat about his experience: “The plenary sessions with professors from top schools across the globe were informative. The session with the Editors of top journals was definitely one of the highlights for me.”

Dr. Ahmad’s achievement is also a proud moment for Jaipuria Institute of Management, which has always supported research activities amongst its faculty members and students. In fact, the institute has several faculty members with a strong research base, which works to the students’ advantage. Dr. Ahmad has the last word on the subject, saying, “Students are motivated and encouraged when they see their faculty members gain international exposure. They are very interested in experience sharing and it boosts their confidence, as well”.

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