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Dr. Aman Srivastava of Jaipuria Noida: A Bit More than Management

Jaipuria Noida is a great learning environment, not only for the students but for the faculty as well. There is a lot of emphasis on ethics and logic,” Dr. Aman Srivastava’s opening line is focused and interesting, just like the man himself.

With decades of experience behind him Dr. Srivastava is the gem at Jaipuria Noida. He has been with the B-School since its inception. “Initially it was a typical technical type of institute. We then introduced courses like Diploma in Management, PGDM Services, PGDM Retail, etc. Student quality improved. Today, we frequently upgrade our curriculum; focus on getting better, think of what better can we offer our students,” says this teacher of Corporate Finance and Financial Management.

A favourite among his students, he is known to keep them on their toes. He constantly grills them with questions on current events and corporate happenings. “Uncertainty is rising and they have to be on their toes. They must survive in this challenging environment. Knowledge is the key. If you don’t work hard and are not on your toes, it is very difficult for you to survive. We prepare our students to face realities. They should not have any fear when they go into the business world,” his reasons for the class grilling are completely validated.

Another reason his classes have low absenteeism is because of the processes he adopts. “The learning at Jaipuria is experiential. It is not based on the traditional chalk and talk method. While there are lectures, it is more of a case based teaching. However, we emphasise more on learning by doing,” he says. What better way is there to learn as you do? The very experience of the doing teaches you where you could be going wrong, or for that matter, right.

Typically, a Jaipuria Noida student is given many career options. They can either turn entrepreneur or go corporate. “We have people from the industry come and talk to them; some of them are our own alumni. We have tie up with National Entrepreneurship Network, too. Entrepreneurship holds more responsibility than a job,” he says, clear about giving the Jaipuria Noida students what they seek – a bit more than just management studies.

He ends with a bit of advice to the students not just of Jaipuria but to the students of the entire business world. “Understand not only Indian business environment but global business environment is changing very fast. The experiences from US, Europe and other free economies like France and Italy are facing the heat of uncertainty and crisis. It is rising day by day. The managers of today should be prepared for today and for more uncertainties that wait in the future. Their level of preparation should be very high, without any shortcuts.”

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