Digya’s transition has been about LIVE projects, SIP, class assignments, industry interfaces and bunch of other things leading to the final placement

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Digya Soni comes from an entrepreneurial family in Varanasi. She always carried the streaks of Entrepreneurial thinking inside her. Naturally, her decision to join a PGDM has primarily been about her quest to have a broader understanding of the world of business. The reputation and legacy of Jaipuria, Jaipur convinced her to make the journey across the breadth of the country. It has been two years since!

In two years she feels she has traversed another crucial journey – from a student filled with anticipation to a professional with a promising future. Her reward has been a placement with Bandhan Bank as a Customer Relationship Officer. We asked Digya some questions around her transition from a student to bagging a placement in the sector of Banking.

Early bonds and a lasting impact

Digya remembers the nervous student who walked onto the sprawling campus of the institute for the first time. As she looks back she says, “It has been an enlightening journey because as a student I have learned to develop myself at every step of the academic journey. My communication and negotiation skills have improved drastically, and they will help me in my professional career, or in the future in my business ventures.”

A milestone- Charsa Villages LIVE project

According to Digya, every day at the institute was filled with learning experiences and things were always engaging. She doesn’t have to think hard to remember the crucial moments during her time at the institute. “Visiting Charsa village (Shahpur, Rajasthan) all alone for my live project, winning appreciation for the live project with AMS, IDPs, interacting with professionals, hanging out with friends, there have been several moments that I will cherish forever,” she says.

The turning point

Digya did her SIP with Vaibhav Global Limited, Jaipur. Along with the focused prep and support from Jaipuria Institute of Management, it helped her ace the placement process. “We had mock interviews at our B School, which helped me stay confident during the placements. My faculty members also believed in me and that was a huge motivating factor,” she says proudly.

The final leap

Digya is excited about what the future holds. As a Customer Relationship Officer she looks forward to making an impression with her new employers. “I will be responsible for maintaining relationships with our customers, inviting them to involve more with the bank and invest. I will bring my learning from Jaipuria, Jaipur to the table and give my job the best shot,” she says confidently.