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Deepak Singh, from the founding batch of 1995-1997, walked on the path of self-discovery to success at Jaipuria Lucknow

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There are many aspiring students who come to Jaipuria Institute of Management to brighten their career prospects. But Deepak Singh’s journey was slightly different; he claims that he succumbed to parental and peer pressure before deciding to pursue management studies. He got selected to Jaipuria Lucknow and hasn’t looked back since; today he has a flourishing career in media to his credit.  

“As a 22 year old, I didn’t really know what I wanted to do with my life. An MBA seemed to be the most sought-after degree. It promised a fat pay check, a white-collar designation and a cushy job,” says Deepak Singh. Thus the youngster from Lucknow began his journey with the reputed institute in 1995; he was part of Jaipuria Lucknow’s founding batch.

Today, Deepak is based in the US and works as a writer and journalist in Indiana. His impressive resume lists BBC World Service as one of his employers. He has also featured on NPR’s affiliate WVTF, PRI’s The World, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, and World Vision Report.

But Deepak realises that his aspirations and skills truly gained momentum at Jaipuria Lucknow, where his horizons were broadened to a large extent. “Studying with students from diverse backgrounds coming from all over the country was a learning experience in itself,” he says. Through the exchange of ideas and lively discussions amongst each other, students began to shape their ideas of the world around them in a most constructive manner.

Deepak also gives credit to his professors for making learning an exciting and engaging process for him. “Highly professional and experienced professors made the most mundane subjects intellectually stimulating,” he remembers. And that’s what kept students motivatedand on their toes throughout their programme.

The years at Jaipuria Lucknow were an eye-opening experience for him in many ways, and he says, “I learned who I was, what I believed in, and what I wanted from life. And that is the most valuable asset I still have. My mind started to become clutter-free, and my thought processes clearer.”

Today Deepak has made a name for himself in the world of media. As a freelance journalist, radio producer and writer, he divides his time between India and the US. So, does he have any advice for future students? “Follow your heart and give it your hundred percent. Money will follow and you will always be happy,” says the man who has found his true calling.

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