“Curriculum And Mode Of Delivery At Jaipuria Lucknow Rests On The Four Pillars Of Knowledge, Application, Discipline And Learning habit.” – says, Professor Dheeraj Misra, Dean, Jaipuria Lucknow.

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“At Jaipuria Lucknow we strongly believe that teachers become great if they are able to put complicated theory into simple layman’s language, so that every student can understand and learn. Degrees and diplomas mean nothing if you are unable to translate knowledge into easy-to-understand-and-assimilate information.”

These are wise words from Professor Dheeraj Misra, who knows this first hand; after all, as the Dean of Jaipuria Lucknow; he leads the largest PhD faculty anywhere in the country. Professor Misra’s views on teaching methods and techniques have been developed over a career spanning 20 years.

An academician ‘by design and not by default’, Professor Misra developed a keen interest in teaching while he was still a graduate student of Economics. Once he was awarded a First Class in his graduation, the doorways to being an academician opened automatically for him, one after the other.

“In general terms, most teachers go for their Doctorate after having accumulated quite a lengthy teaching experience. For me it was the other way round. Since I had decided to be a teacher very early in my life, I completed my PhD in Economics from IIT Kanpur before joining the world of academia.”

Professor Misra points out that the curriculum and mode of delivery at Jaipuria Lucknow rests on the four pillars of knowledge, application, discipline and learning habit. By the end of their two years in Jaipuria Lucknow, every student should be able to answer these all-important questions: What is your objective? What are the best methods to achieve them? And where is the chance of failure the least?

“To achieve this, students of Jaipuria Lucknow are given an in-depth understanding of the nature of industry and its issues. They are then expected to chalk out the business strategy and see how the strategy can best be applied. The nature of each problem is different. One should first understand the issues and only then can one apply the concepts.”

Professor Misra elaborates that the faculty at Jaipuria Lucknow is especially skilled at gauging the abilities of a student, and guide him or her accordingly.

“You cannot fit a square peg in a round hole. If a student is unable to grasp the technicalities of statistics and is not good with numbers, there is not much point for the student to get into Finance.”

It is with this objective that Jaipuria Lucknow conducts a survey every trimester, wherein a student is required to assess his overall progress on managerial qualities, and the level of self-development achieved in the duration.

“Our aim is that students at Jaipuria Lucknow enjoy themselves while learning, and develop these characteristics along the way.”

At the beginning of every course Professor Misra gives a course outline to ensure that each subject has a different curriculum and that overlapping subjects/ topics are not repeated. At the end of each month the progress of the curriculum is monitored and, if required, modified for the benefit of the students of Jaipuria Lucknow. Clearly, Professor Misra is one of those rare deans who believes that a student’s time is as important as a lecturer’s or Director’s. This is what has earned him immense respect across the board in Jaipuria Lucknow.

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