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Cleanest city in the country- Indore is becoming land of opportunities for students and Jaipuria Indore is leading the trend

Indore, often referred to as the second commercial capital of the country after Mumbai has added another feather in its illustrious cap by topping the list of cities in Government’s cleanliness survey – Swacch Survekshan 2018. This is second year in a row Indore has come out trumps but what makes the achievement more remarkable this year is the fact that the survey included 4200 cities. But cleanliness isn’t the only area where Indore has raised the bar. The thriving commercial hub with rich history is a buzzing student city for a number of reasons.

Architectural marvels take your breath away

The rich heritage of the city is showcased in its many beautiful buildings that take you back to the golden period of Holkar Dynasty. From the 200 year old Rajwada to Laal Bag Palace, Town Hall and the Chhatris, the monuments are stamped by Hindu, Mughal and even French architectural influences. Jaipuria Institute of Management, Indore students experience these marvels as they explore the city on leisurely walks across town.

Soak in the gems of Nature

Not only is Indore clean but a green city too. Meghdoot Upavan is known for its vast collection of plants and flowers, and the fountain show adds to its charm – perfect place to amble around on pleasant evenings. Regional Park around the Pipliapala Lake is another beauty to behold, especially at nights with the stunning display of lights. Students also enjoy trips to Shell City Water Park, a state of the art amusement park with many avenues for entertainment.

Shop till you drop

Indore is known for its glorious bazaars and you can easily spend hours walking through them. The city gained its reputation for its textiles and is also a haven for local crafts, which present you many brilliant finds at affordable rates. Recent urbanization has brought malls like Treasure Island and Central Mall, which are on par with some of the best in the country. They offer students a cool place to hang out and make the most of their time in the city.

The place to chill

Indore is known for its friendly and welcoming vibe, which is highlighted in the warm and cozy hangout spots that are popular with students. Aptly called ‘Café Buddies’, it is the place to be seen with your friends. Tea Shack is known as much for its chilled vibe as its food while Lucky Bakers is where students throng to for confectionaries for those celebratory moments. The Chai Bar is another fun hangout place for students who want to let their hair down after long days.

Commercial hub with many opportunities

Historically Indore has been one of the biggest trading centers in the country and it has definitely kept pace with changing times. Today it is a strong industrial hub with many corporate companies making it their home. As a student of Jaipuria Institute of Management, Indore you get to be in the strategic location and have access to top industry professionals and organizations. The results are seen in internship opportunities and placement options new graduates from the B School get.

An eclectic mix of the traditional and modern, Indore is the place where you can make a ‘clean’ start to your professional career, while enjoying student life to the fullest too.

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