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Chandrakant Lovanshi, from Khandwa, M.P., lands a job with Capital IQ, Hyderabad and finds a foothold in his dream sector

“I was looking for an organization in the field of Research & Analysis. When I heard Capital IQ was coming for campus placement, I applied immediately because finance sector is exactly where I want to start it all from,” says Chandrakant Lovanshi. This headstrong PGDM student from Jaipuria, Indore chased his dream with gusto and managed to bag a job as a Junior Research Associate with the Hyderabad based company.

This is no small feat for the boy from the sleepy town of Khandwa, who has been on the road for more than a decade pursuing his academic aspirations. The Biology graduate was keen on making a mark in the world of management and focused on Jaipuria, Indore as the institute where he could realize his goals. Although he had heard a lot about the B School, he did his homework by visiting the campus in order to make sure that it was the right fit for him.

“I realized that Jaipuria, Indore was the best place for me to go to because of the brilliant learning environment and fantastic infrastructure it offers,” says Chandrakant, who is specializing in Finance and Marketing. “Given my background, understanding management concepts was initially difficult for me. But thanks to the support of my faculty and friends I have a good grasp of the subject now.” It was this understanding of the concepts that he believes held him in good standing during the selection process for the job. After having gone through a written and general aptitude test, he was put through three rounds of interviews. During the interview process, his confidence shone through, which is how he managed to bag the coveted job with Capital IQ. “Two years at Jaipuria, Indore have prepared me to face any kind of challenges,” he says with a smile on his face.

Jaipuria Institute of Management has always strived to make its students industry-ready and for Chandrakant the process involved being a part of several initiatives, including the Media Relations Club. He also went through an exhaustive Summer Internship Project with SIDBI, Mumbai, which he believes gives him the confidence to take on the role of a corporate professional himself. “I am really impressed with the curriculum offered by the institute as it focuses on the overall development of an individual,” Chandrakant says. “It has a culture of learning, which has helped me immensely. Not only did I get exposed to the business world, but I also managed to work on my overall personality.” He even goes on to recommend the program to future candidates, as he believes it gives them a much-needed competitive edge.

Now that he has had a head start in his professional journey, Chandrakant wants to work towards a successful future ahead. In five year’s time he hopes to be working in a leadership position handling important projects. But he also has a long term plan, which is a desire to work with a big International organization. And the way this Finance-minded individual is going, you shouldn’t put your money against it.

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