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Can Management students develop themselves through peer reviews and learning? Jaipuria, Indore’s PGDM student Arunava Acharjee from Kolkata tells us how.

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When Arunava Acharjee moved from Kolkata to the heart of India to study at Jaipuria Institute of Management, Indore he had one thing in mind. He wanted to get a dynamic and diverse student experience which would mould him into an adaptable professional tomorrow. On campus he interacts with fellow students from all over the country, who have their unique academic backgrounds as well. For Arunava learning with them and adjusting to different situations is helping him grow, and reach his goals. “Immensely”.

Being at the “centre” of the activity

Although Arunava points out that moving from the East of the country to the center was not a difficult choice, but why did he specifically pick Jaipuria, Indore to pursue his management dreams? “Jaipuria is a good brand name and interestingly the venture started from Kolkata. There is a lot going on in central India today. And when you consider the quality of education offered here compared to the costs, you know it’s a brilliant choice. The return on investments for students is very high,” he says.

Being adaptable to the changes and challenges

Arunava claims that he had never lived in a hostel before and it has been an enriching experience for him so far. While moving to a lush green campus was a plus, dealing with vegetarian food was a tough ask for the Kolkata boy. But thankfully a protein center was set up on the campus and brought a smile to his face.

However Arunava claims that overcoming these challenges is a huge part of his learning experience. “I came here because I wanted to move out of my comfort zone. In some ways it is my preparation to be able to adjust anywhere. Companies look for professionals who are adaptable and ready to work from different places. Now I can say that I am up for that,” he adds.

Being a student again

Before joining Jaipuria, Indore Arunava had worked with Elogix Software Ltd as an Online Marketing executive for over a year. Ask him if his work experience hinders him as a student or has its advantages, Arunava picks the latter. “Work experience is definitely helpful because as a student you don’t know much about corporate culture, which you can now relate to,” he explains.

Arunava then points out to the learning during his Business Communications class that hits home because of the similarity with the work he had done as a professional. “It was exactly the kind of work I was doing but I only understood the full extent of its importance after studying the subject. My work experience helped me understand the concepts better,” he reflects.

Being an ideal classmate

Of course it wasn’t easy for Arunava to get back to studies after experiencing the independence of being a professional. But he insists that studying with peers from different backgrounds helped him slip into the student role. “Working with students from diverse educational, cultural and professional backgrounds is stimulating because there are always new ideas flying around. We are constantly working on projects and assignments, which ends up being an even bigger learning experience,” he states.

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