“By giving respect and letting go of their fears students find it easy to get participative”

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If there is one word that defines Dr. Abhijit Nair, it has to be “Excellence”. He is an Associate professor in Business Communication, practiced Branding and Business Communication in the corporate world for a good 12 years before choosing to shift to academia. He is also involved with placements, training, mentoring and certain clubs that are art or creative based. Dr. Nair continues to be associated with the industry in varied manners of consultancy and hence he brings in certain new trends back from the boardroom to the classroom.

I believe activity induce student to get vigorous, primarily all aspects that involve their world and their needs; When I say ‘their world’ I mean they are mostly in between screens at all times so everything that we do in the class, I try bring the screen into play whether it is to use the app world or to get their attention through moving images.

According to me Workshops are mostly based on Case interview training, communication, leadership and soft-skills. These add impetus to the hard – skills that they have absorbed throughout the year.

Dr. Abhijit Nair loves everything involving communication. He is currently working on a book that he has been trying to complete for some time now. Other than this he had the good fortune to come upon a wonderful story of business interest from the hills of Munnar, Kerala. It is from one the tea plantations there and I reckon, it would be useful for areas like employee engagement, simplified communication and corporate strategy. I hope to complete it by early next year.

I spare about 2 hours for writing all weekdays. Most other times – movies, documentaries, music, sports and a load of reading about all things under the sun, carry me along. Recently I got inclined towards biographies and I am reading about Jack London and Warren Buffet simultaneously.

My teaching philosophy is that I respect each and every individual student whatever they constitute – academically, personality-wise or background. I believe life is wonderful array of mistakes that we slowly thrive to make right.


According to me “Uncampus” brings a constituent of camaraderie between all the four campuses. It brings the culture of family among all members from all campuses and there is collective moving forward that seems to be nurtured, albeit slowly, but that is the best way ahead.

Recently we had a faculty development program at our Noida campus. Dr. Nair shared his experience while saying I had lots of stories to share and to mention to all those people whom I love. I loved the speech of Mr. Nirjar He imparted his experience to us in the form of anecdotes but dotted with some amazing lines that shall stay with me. His intellect was worth imbibing and his narrative was a wondrous experience for a communication professor such as me.

His message to the students of Jaipuria Keep it simple, always

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