Business Communication can be learnt best from corporate examples, believes Prof. Ashok Advani of Jaipuria Institute of Management – an industry veteran with 39 years of experience in Operations.

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Prof. Ashok Advani has been associated with Jaipuria Institute of Management since January 2012. As an Adjunct Professor, his very presence in the classroom is inspiring. Prof. Advani comes with a phenomenal industry experience of 39 years, of which 33 years have been in Shipping and Logistics. A teacher of Business Communications at Jaipuria Institute of Management, Prof. Advani believes in keeping his class engaged through activities. He encourages student participation in the learning process through discussions, real life examples, and through self-esteem building.

“One sure-shot way of keeping students engaged is by bringing in my own corporate experience. But this element is very tightly controlled in my classes, as I only bring in experiences related to the topic of study. My teaching style revolves around examples from the corporate world, since there is no better way of teaching the finer aspects of Business Communication. It works very well in my attempts to give the students value for their time spent, as well as learning enrichment.”

Prof. Advani believes that while the current business education scenario in India is ‘land based’ and focuses intensely on ways of doing business only on the sub-continent, in the near future, Shipping & Logistics, and International Business will emerge as key subjects.

“Apart from teaching PGDM students, I find interacting with corporates during the MDPs (Management Development Programmes) conducted by Jaipuria Institute of Management extremely satisfying. In fact, the recent MDP conducted for a prominent corporate house by Jaipuria Noida was also a wonderful learning experience for faculty members like me. The beauty of Jaipuria Institute of Management is that it allows its faculty members to explore themselves beyond the classrooms. I am deeply engaged with Mentor Groups, conduct Personal Interviews of prospective students in association with the admissions cell, and enjoy guiding students in personality and value building.”

Prof. Advani believes that the life of an academician has allowed him to explore things that he had always wanted to do. He lists listening to music of various genres, such as Western Instrumental & Country, Indian Instrumental, Fusion and, of course, Bollywood’s golden oldies as one of his favourite pastimes. He says that over time, his mind is actively turning to research and teaching is slowly turning into a passion for him.

“My classrooms are not about ‘teaching differently’, but ‘learning differently’. I always remind students that a true professional adds value to whatever he or she does and lives a life of value. I tell them to leave a mark of excellence in whatever they do, appreciate what they are and what they have, and always keep moving forward, striving for more. I advise them not to get into the trap of comparisons, which can be a vicious one. I remind them that there will always be somebody ahead of and somebody behind them.”

Prof. Advani describes his year-and-a-half long journey with Jaipuria Institute of Management as “enjoyable”. He points out that the team spirit among faculty members, and complete interest in each and every student have been the real positives of his association with Jaipuria Institute of Management.