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Building a Sentosa Island to veg-burger with chicken pieces in it, the International Study Programme was a “wow!” for Jaipuria, Jaipur’s Shubham

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It’s hilarious how certain fundamental concepts differ dramatically from land to land, country to country! Shubham Mittal and his friend from Jaipuria Institute of Management, Jaipur was on an International Study Programme (ISP) this November in Singapore- for an entire week. One day, they walked into a departmental store at the Lion City- they were hungry. Having decided to buy a vegetable burger, Shubham reached to the store Assistant to get one. He handed Shubham a big, fat burger, mentioning- “here’s your veg burger Sir, with very small pieces of chicken in it.” Shubham couldn’t help but burst into a fit of laughter!

This is the thing with learning Management by trotting the Globe! From culture, to language, to ethics to way businesses are addressed- your eyes open to a whole new perspective- a whole new landscape of understanding Management. Shubham experienced just that!

“Now that am back to the classroom, I feel I have become an even more careful listener. I am starting to look at concepts from varied dimensions and that is helping immensely. Adding to it is the fact that I saw real-life, how other countries value time and knowledge,” elaborates Shubham whose team submitted a thick and insightful project on “what will it take to make something similar to a Sentosa Island in Jaipur?”


Over the one week trip to Singapore, Shubham and team from Jaipuria Institute of Management did not only attend talks around “Innovation Management” from professionals of Microsoft, Hotel Park Royal and Govin Academy Pte. Ltd. but also had to research on one topic each- as teams. “The final task was to submit a report and a group presentation post attending all the lectures and sessions in Singapore. The project given to our team was to study the Sentosa Island and to make a report as to what it would take to make a similar destination spot in Jaipur,” elaborates Shubham Mittal.

We scooped and dug out data, read a lot of reports around Sentosa, talked to locales of Singapore, discussed with PGDM students of schools we visited, brainstormed in team and tried to solve for the most essential question- fund and cost!  Understanding Sentosa Island is a Public – Private Investment having corporate giants invested heavily alongside government, our project attempted to problem solve for it in the Indian context. 

However, what still stays as a highlight for Shubham from the trip is the fact that he was able to gather high praises for his inputs pertaining to Team Management. While attending a class at S.P Jain Global Business School, Singapore, Shubham’s ideas on the topic had the faculty applaud him and put him in her network. 

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