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Brands aren’t built overnight. Dr. Kavita Pathak of Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida on “how brands are built!”

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According to Dr. Pathak, Director, Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida- “the concept of a brand is a matter of belief and timeless brands are created by everyone concerned staying invested with it.” She was speaking at the “Brand Marquee” event organized by T. A. Pai Management Institute in association with MBA Rendezvous.

Dr. Kavita Pathak is an eminent Professor of Marketing and the Director of Jaipuria Institue of Management, Noida. Her teaching career experience of over two decades includes 18 years of teaching in India and 4 years overseas, teaching at University of Queensland Business School, Australia. Her research work focuses on the area of high tech marketing.

She shared her perspectives in a very interesting panel discussion titled “Director’s View on Branding: We Produce Budding Managers”. The panel consisted of Directors from reputable B-Schools and hence provided for a very rich discussion on the subject.

For a management education institution, brand building begins with fundamental elements, one of which is the people and processes it invests in. For Dr. Pathak the choice of joining Jaipuria, Noida on her return from Australia was a very clear one. According to her, there is little that the institute does that is of mere ornamental value. “The investment it makes in people and facilitating collaboration between them makes the whole experience of teaching here worthwhile,” states Dr. Pathak.

Another aspect that leaves a mark on students well beyond their time at the institute and thus creates long term brand value is the mentoring they receive in their 2 years. Speaking about the mentoring process for students, she went on to say, “we run a unique individual development and mentorship program. In most cases, our mentorship begins at the undergraduate level itself where Jaipuria has an extensive teach through its quiz leagues. The intensive mentorship program then covers the 2 years that students spend on campus and extends well beyond graduation.”

Apart from research, collaboration through the unique ‘Uncampus’ initiative, and mentorship, the other important focus area for Jaipuria according to Dr. Pathak is the industry connect. This helps the institute to develop a curriculum that is relevant and in turn with industry needs. Besides this, it also helps to groom and prepare students effectively for placements, providing them with an opportunity to compete effectively with students from other leading B-schools.

As per Dr. Pathak, the most important factor for her own personal success in building the Jaipuria brand is to ensure that she and her support team are completely on the same page on the brand promise. Only then can the brand be marketed effectively to outsiders. “One challenge that I see from my side is making sure that the passion I imbibe for the Jaipuria brand extends to all the faculty, students, and staff,” she added. This involves keeping the energy of faculty members channelized towards entrepreneurial activity that can help the organisation grow.

In summation, Dr Pathak feels that brands are a matter of belief, trust and staying invested in the ultimate goal. “So, whatever it takes to carve a belief about your institution, first carve a belief about yourself, nurture that belief and the vision of what you wished to be and give it everything. That’s how brands are made,” she concludes.

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