Ayush Mishra of Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida is graduating with a job in Dubai, offering him a package of 18 lacs. p.a.

Ayush Mishra of Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida is graduating with a job in Dubai, offering him a package of 18 lacs. p.a.

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For Ayush Mishra of Jaipuria, Noida, the next few years of life is going to be about hard work, followed by spending evenings and weekends at Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, Ferrari World, Atlantic, so on and so forth. After all, he has received his job offer all the way from Middle East’s renowned supply chain and logistics company- Zen Global DMCC.

The moment when the news arrived
“It was 15th October and I was attending my Inventory Management class. It was around 2:30 p.m. when a UAE number flashed on my mobile screen. I could feel my heart thumping inside me. I excused myself from class to receive the call and as soon as I took the phone close to my ear, a voice from the other side asked- ‘Am I speaking to Mr. Ayush Mishra?’ Even before I could reply, arrived the news- ‘I am calling from Zen Global DMCC and I wish to inform you that we are willing to provide you the employment with us at 18 lacs p.a. Is it fine with you?’ My joy knew no bounds,” narrates Ayush while explaining how it felt on first hearing about his new job offer.

The Varanasi boy- his stumbling blocks and his wins

Before Ayush sat for the interview with Zen Global DMCC, he had applied at SRF Ltd.- a manufacturing company located in Gurgaon. The competition was fierce. There were applicants from all across India but Ayush managed to sail through easily till the final round arrived. “After 35 minutes of intense questioning, the panelists asked me- ‘what are your ethics in life?’ and I replied almost instantaneously- ‘I cannot be dishonest to anyone’. After that I was asked to handle a situation where after a point in time, the situation demanded me to lie. I did. And they immediately pointed out- ‘yes, you are caught! You just lied.’

Of course, Ayush could not make it to SRF Ltd. but his win was- the lesson he brought back home from the incident. “Next time I am asked this question again, I will draw the answer from my strengths,” says Ayush smilingly.

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What acted in favor during the Zen Global DMCC interview?
Ayush’s interview panel had the Marketing Head and the Operations Head asking him various questions and testing his domain knowledge, especially in Logistics Management. “Luckily, just the day before my interview with Zen Global, I had my end term examination on Logistics Management. Therefore, it almost became a cakewalk and I had the answers ready on the tip of my tongue,” says the Varansi born boy who is set to leave for Dubai to join Zen Global on 15th December, 2018.

As of now, Ayush will be trained about procurement and supply chain of the company and during these 3 months of training, he would be shifted across departments for gaining from the holistic understanding of the organization and its functions.

So, what will Ayush miss the most about his Jaipuria life?
“My friends, my hostel life and of course, my girl friend. They stood by me no matter the circumstances and it would be difficult without them,” says Ayush while concluding the conversation.

Ayush Mishra

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