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Ayush Garg bags second place at an event held by IMA; discusses the beneficial initiatives by Jaipuria, Indore as the reasons behind his success

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Ayush Garg, a student of PGDM 2015 at Jaipuria, Indore, recently did himself and his institute proud by bagging the second prize in a research and study event hosted by Indore Management Association. What makes his achievement noteworthy is the fact that his team had to fight off competition from 40 other teams who participated in the first round. Here, he talks about the competition and his passion for CIS, an initiative from his institute.

We begin with his newest achievement, and asked Ayush to elaborate on the nature of the competition. “It was all about a detailed presentation on your research and study performed to understand how we can reclaim India,” he tells us. “through various leadership requirements and convert them into management lessons.” Ayush’s management education gave him a solid foundation to succeed at this event; however, it also showcased another of his great qualities: his leadership.

The thing to note is that Ayush’s team consisted of juniors, which means he had to lead the way. It was a challenge he seemed to relish. He shares with us some of the times during the event where the team had to step up and elevate their approach: “The first instance was when we had to build a conceptual framework, which we then used to frame the overall presentation. Finally, we had to answer the questions posed by the judges during final round, which was challenging.”

There is definitely an air of confidence about the young man, and doing exceedingly well at a prestigious event might have a lot to do with that. But, according to Ayush, it was possible thanks to his learning at his institute: “Some of the things I learned here, including building a perspective on a topic, believing in yourself and presenting your ideas with confidence, helped me immensely through the competition.”

Ayush also talks about the Course on Independent Study, which was introduced as a part of the Jaipuria PGDM curriculum. It offers students an opportunity to study one less subject and carry out detailed research on a chosen topic. “I always wanted to explore and get deep into any particular subject matter, which drove me towards Social Commerce study,” he adds. “It’s a great opportunity for us students and I’m making the most out of it.”

While Ayush awaits the much deserved award (the ceremony is on the 7th of February), he dreams of becoming an entrepreneur and thanks his institute for instilling this belief in him. “Our institute started an entrepreneurship course, and there was the tie up with entrepreneurship promoting organization like NEN,” he says. “I would like to do something with everything we’ve been given, and become an entrepreneur in the education industry.” Ayush has his sights set on the future. And, judging by his early successes and the educational foundation provided by his institute, it is clear that he will reach his goals.

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