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At Jaipuria Noida I found the two most important things that I was looking for in my B-school

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“At Jaipuria Noida I found the two most important things that I was looking for in my B-school – a positively challenging experience and a sense of belonging” says Pooja Singh, Jaipuria Noida Class of 2018.

Pooja is from The Land of Nawabs, Lucknow and despite having a choice of opting for the Lucknow campus, chose to join the Noida campus. “I wanted to explore new places, people, opportunities, and my strengths & weaknesses. Therefore, I came to Noida. Apart from the high profile faculty, good placement records, all-pervading course curriculum, the beautiful campus, there was something else that made me choose Jaipuria. I sensed that feeling of belonging since day-one when I came for the personal interview. Whereas other institutes in NCR that I visited pursued me relentlessly to take admission there, Jaipuria did not have to sell itself to me – the legacy spoke for the institute.”

Her time at Jaipuria has instilled many of the skills she sought and helped her to overcome her reservations. “For me, personality development plays an equally important role as studies. To my surprise there was a specific ‘Personality Development Class’ which turned out to be my favourite. Through these three trimesters, I have gained tremendous confidence. In the first trimester, study group members used to argue about going last in line to present; today they fight to go first – that has been the transition. The live projects I have worked on with Big Bazaar also helped me gain a lot of confidence.” The faculty plays a key role in this development journey at Jaipuria and Pooja is very appreciative of the support she has got from her teachers “One of my favorite finance faculty Mr. Amit Bagga always said that we shouldn’t limit our knowledge to the books and should start expanding our horizon by reading newspapers and magazines. As a result I started reading about eminent personalities, newspaper, magazines and web blogs”. Many other faculty members have helped shape Pooja’s personality and aided in her transformational journey apart from the very helpful role they’ve played in mentoring her on assignments, internships, projects and her course work. By nature, Pooja says she is used to prefer staying in her shell. How far she has come is reflected in what her classmates and friends have to say about Pooja:

Prachi (friend) says “A girl with strong mind and soft heart.”

Tushar Sharma (group member) “Pooja is nice girl and very very hard-working and intelligent also. She always support others.”

Piyush Jain (friend) says “Analytical Thinker, Helping colleagues at workplace and very much dedicated to work. I will not forget to mention her compassion.”

Rohit Deol (friend) said “Purely dedicated to work. A true friend who is always there when you need her. She is always ready to help you.”

Campus life has been truly enriching for Pooja, with its varied experiences. “If I count the friends I have made in a very short time, they include Assamese, Bengali, Pahadi, South Indian, Marathi and others. It’s a great experience to learn about their culture and cuisines. I was amazed when I looked at the diversity of cultures here at Jaipuria- A small India in itself, we can say! ”

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