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Ankit Awate does Jaipuria, Indore proud by bagging a prestigious placement with Genpact. Gets a chance to be associated with GE brand and lead a team of CAs and MBAs.

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Ankit Awate, a small town boy from Dewas belonged to a business family and could have had things laid out on the platter for him. But his dreams would not let him sleep. He wanted to be a manager working in the Finance sector and wanted to do it on his own steam. That’s why he opted for his PGDM with Jaipuria, Indore and over time it has become his second home, according to him. And now Ankit can see dreams gradually turning into reality. After all, he has bagged his placement with Genpact for GE Capital Americas.

It’s a big achievement for Ankit who will be working as a Management Trainee (Team Leader) in regulatory reporting process for the company. Importantly, he will be leading a team of CAs and MBAs right at such an early stage of his career. It must be a big high for him but he stays practical in his approach as he says, “Genpact gives me a brand name of GE; top 30 in Forbes list with a pretty reasonable package and hardcore financial profile. I am focused on my choice of work style and quality standard, which I can bring to Genpact.”

Ankit was well aware of what was at stake when he started with the selection process for the company. And he never lost sight of his goal, which is probably why he got through the gruelling three step process with ease. It all started with a Group Discussion followed by a detailed technical round of interview. It was here that his knowledge of management concepts that he learned at the institute were tested to the hilt. He also had to go through HR interview, which was the toughest, according to him.

Besides his knowledge of accounts and finance, his drive to succeed, communication skills and confidence were gauged during the selection process. And Ankit believes that these bases were well covered during his stint with Jaipuria, Indore. “The institute helped me become a fine manager and enabled me to think differently, which has given me the edge. It helped me understand my true potential and gave me opportunities to harness my talent,” mentions Ankit gratefully.

The institute also does its best to ensure that its students are industry ready by the time they step out into the real corporate world. Through several initiatives that are held throughout the duration of the program, the institute strives to offer valuable industry exposure to its students. These initiatives of course gave major boost to the learning process and his overall confidence, according to Ankit. But he also mentions the efforts made by the Placement team that had him in the best possible position to go for his job.

Coming from a business family might have its advantages for many, but Ankit believes that it can work against you in job interviews. And that remains his advice for fellow students looking to bag plum placements in the future. “If you are mentioning to your recruiters the fact that you come from a business class background, then you should know that you are in for some race right from that point of time. Be ready to face it,” he warns.

Now that he has bagged this prestigious placement, Ankit has big plans for the future. “At work I will be myself. It will give me the confidence to keep going further in my career. My next destination is General Electric headquarters in America,” he reveals. “In five years time I would like to be leading many more people and being at the top of hierarchy in an organization,” he ends on a confident note.

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