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For Amrita Jaiswal, Jaipuria Jaipur has been all about “One Job… and countless memories”

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For most students who enter a B-school of repute, the entire deal comes down to ‘Placements’. On-campus placements are the most challenging part of being in a B-school; but not for Amrita Jaiswal.

“Placements in Jaipuria Institute of Management, Jaipur are not a question of “whether or not”; it is only a “matter of time”. Not just the placements, my entire academic experience in Jaipuria has been pretty good. In Jaipuria Institute of Management, Jaipur there is only one thing more than the guarantee of a job – the guarantee that all your queries will be answered. This helped me in a big way during my interviews for Remorphing. Most of the questions in my interview were conceptual, concerning little things that could easily have been forgotten or ignored had we not learnt their practical application.”

Amrita has been placed with Remorphing in a dual profile of HR Selection and BD. The last couple of months at Jaipuria, Jaipur have helped her gather all the necessary know-how to handle her job profile.

“The happiest part for me is that when I was informed of my selection, my mother happened to be around. We both were jumping with joy! For me, Jaipuria Institute of Management, Jaipur has been like a home away from home, where I had come to be groomed and placed for a job, but actually have ended upleaving with countless memories. The faculty has been excellent, especially Prof. Anvay Bhargava, who prepared me for the interview. It was as if he knew exactly the questions that would be put across to me. The first year was absolutely fun-filled, with lots of time with friends, discussions, fests, events, submission of assignments and exams. But after the Summer Internships at the end of the first year, every single batch-mate of mine at Jaipuria, Jaipur had understood on-ground realities. It was almost as if, with the snap of a finger,people had become more focused on their careers.”

Amrita has a pretty simple strategy with regard to her soon-to-begin corporate career – work hard, take responsibilities, adapt fast, be flexible and learn quickly. She is positive that if she sticks to these basics, she’ll get where she wants to go very quickly – all thanks to Jaipuria Institute of Management, Jaipuria.

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