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Amit Jha is learning to leverage his work experience, while graduating from Jaipuria, Lucknow

After eight years of international experience in jobs with a technical profile, Amit Jha knew it was time to go into over drive. Picked up immediately after his B.Tech by the global electrical giant, Angelique International, for numerous projects in Laos, Amit was one of the most important men behind the commissioning of three 115KV substations in Paksong, Bangyo and Jiang Xai regions of Laos. Since he had become an expert in the testing and commissioning of equipment like CT, PT, Isolator, Breakers and CB, Amit Jha was expected by all those who knew him to go the M.Tech way at some foreign university. But Amit had other plans… and Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow, fitted perfectly into those plans.

“I wanted to shift from technical to techno-commercials. This needed a basic knowledge of business and an M.Tech degree would not serve the purpose. Yes, I would have increased my knowledge along a single vertical, i.e.Electrical Engineering, but it was my dream to grow exponentially and venture into the world of managers. An MBA means a diversified horizontal education in business operations and it was just the thing I was looking for. Having travelled to different parts of the world, I can say with conviction that the Indian education system is among the best. One of my relatives from the batch of ‘98 gave me a fair insight into Jaipuria Lucknow – the vibrant ‘studying and working’ environment, the pedigreed, hard-working faculty. All this prompted me to choose Jaipuria Lucknow over the other options available.”

Amit is known to be the “Mr. Dependable” of his batch at Jaipuria Lucknow. Meticulous, focused and responsible, Amit comes from an Army family and attributes his level-headedness to his sound upbringing. No wonder Amit knows exactly where he’s going after Jaipuria Lucknow – and how to get there, as well.

“I’m currently in my final year at Jaipuria Lucknow and am majoring in Finance and IT. This is because I’m looking at targeting IT companies that provide technology support to power utility firms. It’s a super-specialisation of sorts, and one that is much valued in the industry that I come from. I believe I’ve come to just the right place to make this happen, because Jaipuria has completely revolutionised my outlook. Now, whenever I observe or analyse a situation, I automatically wear my invisible “businessman” spectacles. I now see a vivid and exciting world beyond my books.”

Amit Jha believes that his ‘power to imagine’ has grown manifold in the ecosystem of Jaipuria Lucknow. He rates Ojas 2012 and IIC 2012 as the most memorable experiences of his time at Jaipuria Lucknow.

“Ojas was a rollercoaster, a real humdinger, with musical nights and lots of fun! In IIC, the sheer spectrum of experts was amazing and awe-inspiring. Interacting with corporate stalwarts from a range of industries and diversified fields was a dream come true.”

Amit feels that management graduates with work experience stand a better chance of being placed, since freshers are not as well acquainted with real life challenges. He feels that freshers in any corporate environment easily tend to believe whatever is told to them by their seniors. So it becomes a natural tendency for companies to favour those with experience who have a fair idea of the market scenario. However, he believes that companies looking only for experience loose out on the burst of vibrant energy, creativity and absolutely wild ideas that a fresher brings to the table.

“The urge to make a mark for oneself is the single most important trait in a manager. It’s a quality recruiters die for, irrespective of whether you are a fresher or an old hand.”

He believes that this is the reason why products of Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow are seen rising to the top in every walk of corporate life.

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