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MBA 2022: Amazing Tips to select the best MBA Colleges

Essential Parameters to Consider while choosing the Best MBA college in India

This article will guide you in choosing the best MBA colleges in India for the year 2023 and will explain the most important parameters to consider while picking a B-school. Every year, the Ministry of Education releases the prestigious NIRF ranking of top MBA colleges in India. The ranking helps MBA aspirants in knowing the ranks of top B-schools. However, there are various parameters you should consider while choosing a B-school.

With many top MBA colleges in India still accepting applications, it is high time for you to make up your mind and apply for MBA at the ones which will benefit you the most.

Have you ever wondered, what makes a B-school good and how can it benefit you the most? What if you know the rankings but aren’t sure of what makes a B-school a better choice and if you are tired of searching the web for these parameters which make a B-school unique, then this article is for you.

The most important parameters to check in an MBA college in India before applying are:

The ranking

Of course, ranking is one of the most crucial prerequisites before choosing a B-school. It is believed that there is no perfect ranking system so far but the NIRF rankings are believed to be the most authentic and sought-after rankings in India. So, to begin with, check the ranking of the college.

Recognitions and Accreditations

Most MBA aspirants don’t know much about these but these are equally important. Check for NAAC and NBA accreditations. The management programmes should be AICTE approved and in the case of PGDM programmes, it should be AIU recognized to make the PGDM programme MBA equivalent.

The Programmes Offered

Well, one MBA college can be the best college for Finance but not necessarily for Marketing. Hence, know the domain of your interest, then find out which colleges are best in that domain. Some of the most popular domains are Finance, Marketing, Service Management, etc.

The Placement Record:

Another important parameter that reflects a college’s reputation in the industry. The placements record tells quite a lot about a college. Don’t just fall for the highest package, also check which recruiters came, the average package, and how many students got placed in the previous batch. The most important thing to consider while checking the placements of a college is to know the placement in the domain of your interest. For instance, if you wish to do MBA in Marketing Management, then your focus should be on which recruiters came for your stream, the number of students placed, the highest package, and the average salary.

Essential parameters to consider while choosing an MBA college
The programme Fee, Scholarship Opportunities:

Yes, it is important as it is related to the burden on your or your parents’ pockets. Check the programme fee for both the years and find out about the scholarships offered by that B-school. You may be surprised to see that you saved yourself some money.

Take advantage of social media:

Today, social media is way more than just a communication and entertainment platform. It is like a hub where you can find out quite a lot about a B-school. To be specific, visit the social media accounts of the top MBA Colleges in India and explore what is happening there. If a college does frequent guest sessions by industry experts and other extra-curricular activities then it shows that the college is a good choice as it imparts education in many ways. Follow its social media pages and keep exploring.

The Curriculum, Faculty, and Student Diversity

Last but not least is the curriculum. Find out what is taught. Find out about the faculty’s expertise and experience. And check the student diversity. If the curriculum is updated as per the current industry scenario, the faculty is experienced and well qualified, and the college has students from different regions or states of India then it is indeed a good option for you.

These 7 parameters are the most important ones an MBA aspirant should check in the B-school he or she is applying for. If a college meets your expectation in all seven parameters, then hopefully it is a good choice for you in terms of learning experience, grooming, programme benefits, placements, and ROI.

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