Amanjot Kaur of Class 2017-2019 wants to join the league of the successful women HR professionals of today

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Amanjot Kaur joined Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida with the hopes of finding her place in the industry of professional giants and stalwarts. Having spent a substantial amount of time deliberating on why do a PGDM, Amanjot realised that her ultimate passion lies in forging herself as a successful HR professional. What was once considered to be a highly male dominated sector is now dotted with astounding women running the show. Amanjot wants to add to the list of names. Therefore, Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida happened.

When she entered the college campus for the first time, her attention was immediately drawn towards the huge wall that had last Class of graduates’ placement records boldly displayed on it. Amanjot never learnt to settle for less. Her instant resolution was to see herself up there by the time she completes her PGDM in the year of 2019. Over a free-wheeling interview, she exclaims- “I am going to make these 2 years very memorable and not let a single opportunity slip my hand. I will do everything it takes to make my parents proud and make myself a socially responsile, successful professional in the world of Human Resources.” With an agenda as clear and focused as that, Amanjot definitely is in for a phenomenal PGDM journey with the school.

Amanjot understads the rigorous currciculum that awaits her. When asked about the passion or the hobby she wants to stick to no matter the insane amount of work stress, pat came her reply- “my passion for dancing. I dance a lot. I love dancing beyond words can explain.” Amanjot chuckled while adding- “In fact, I’ve also got a lot of awards for my performances and I want to carry on with it through the student club here at Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida.”