Amandeep Singh Kohli of Jaipuria Institute of Management had a winner’s smile when the offer from Deloitte arrived

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Amandeep Singh Kohli had heard about Jaipuria Institute of Management from close quarters. His cousin is the B School alum, who got a plum campus placement and is on a successful career trajectory. He sought for a similar fate for himself and came to Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow. After a two year transition from a novice to an industry ready professional, his career is headed in the right direction. He has bagged placement with an International giant like Deloitte where he will be working as a Tax Consultant. Here’s a walk down the road to his perfect corporate launch.

Gaining the experience and confidence

Amandeep calls his stint at Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow as an exploration of his strengths, talents and abilities. Throughout the period of two years he was put through the paces with different activities that built his confidence and prepared him for the challenges he would face in the corporate world. “Early on during my time at the institute my stage fear was completely eliminated. The B School also took every possible step to ensure fantastic placements for all of us. We were given tips and training to make the most out of these opportunities,” he reveals.

Winning over the interviewers

While his B School training had made Amandeep confident going into the placement process, it was up to him to deliver on the D Day. And when you are in contention for a job with a brand like Deloitte, things can get daunting. But according to him, the key lies in staying calm and going through the interviews with a smile. “I had to go through a technical and Director round, but they were mostly trying to find out if I was flexible and ready to fit into their organization. I think my confidence and sense of humor kept them engaged and won me the job,” he claims.

Working with a ‘star’ brand

Amandeep always had a dream of working with a top corporate brand, which has now come true. Starting your career with a globally recognized name is a huge opportunity that few fresh graduates get. He also understands that it is a huge responsibility and wants to do his best to deliver. “I feel very prepared for this new phase in my life. I will take on the challenges I face in my work day with confidence and a smile. I don’t want to plan far ahead and take my time to explore the possibilities that come my way,” he says brimming with confidence.

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