Alumnus Yateesh Wahaal of Jaipuria, Noida recalls a chanced meeting with Dr. J.D.Singh and much more

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Yateesh Wahaal remembers the first day he was entering Jaipuria Institute of Management’s Noida campus. It was year 2005. He was excited and elated but slightly late from the appointed hours. And as luck would have it, Yateesh met Dr. J. D. Singh, Director General, Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida right at the gate. “That was the first day I realised the value of keeping time when he explained to me the consequences of being late,” says Yateesh nostalgically.” Eventually, Dr. Singh became one of the most inspiring personalities in Yateesh’s life, the man who currently sits on the helm of affairs of India’s first Multi Super-Specialty healthcare chain- Nayati Healthcare & Research Pvt. Ltd.

Alumnus Yateesh Wahaal has always been quite a motivation for many a Jaipuria Institute of Management students. Having graduated in the year 2007, he had started his career with Centurion Bank of Punjab as a Management Trainee. He spent less than a year in the company and got selected at Haier. He worked as an Executive Assistant to the Haier India M.D. (a Chinese Expat) as part of the company’s Corporate Planning and Strategy Team and took another rise as an Assistant Director at Noesis/Vaishnavi Advisory Services- Yateesh was only about 23 years old then. He had already tried and tested the water with three companies already but he has been yearning for more. Having spent four years as the AD with Noesis and team, he made his next strategic move to Pegasus International Advisory Pvt. Ltd. And this time, as a Director.

While many professionals think of settling down early in their careers, Yateesh always kept his eye on bigger and better work opportunities. He has always loved to thrive on fresh challenges and Nayati Healthcare & Research Pvt. Ltd. bought a lot of them to his desk. As the Director of the company, Yateesh is currently immersed in heading three distinct departments and teams- Strategy, Finance and Operations. So what does the super alum of Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida have to say about the placement climate for PGDM freshers in India presently?


“Oh, the opportunities are only getting better! India is at the cuss of growth and being an economy of 1.3 billion people, global investors are raring to invest in the country. Be it MNCs, FMCG companies like Coca Cola. Johnson & Johnson or companies in the BFSI sector, there’s promises everywhere. For PGDM orMBA graduates, it couldn’t get better,” says Yateesh with a smile of assurance on his face.

When asked how he feels about Jaipuria’s growth now that he has been looking at it from an industry professional’s perspective, he replies- “Jaipuria Institute of Management has everything it takes to be called one of the premier B-schools of the country. Be it infrastructure, the quality of faculty, the conferences, conclaves, seminars, CSR activities, the national initiatives, the diversity inside the classroom- the B-school has ensured an extremely intellectually stimulating environment for its students and teachers alike.” 

While Yateesh concludes mentioning how he can give anything in the world to get back to the old carefree PGDM days on campus, he also suggests to his juniors to “stay focused, you have it all here so make the most of the opportunities! These days aren’t coming back.”

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