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Souvik Chandra, alumnus 2019 shares how he unfolds the second opportunity with Deloitte

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Souvik, class 2017-19, a number juggler from day one at Jaipuria did not let off the opportunity to en-cash when he was recalled for interview at Deloitte.

Souvik recall his earlier days at Jaipuria during first trimester. It was Prof. Wasan from finance in class, who assigned him with a task, and without any delay souvik wrapped up meticulously. The very instance Prof. Wasan commented ‘take Finance in your 2nd year and I would not be surprised if you are hired by Deloitte by the time you complete your PGDM from Jaipuria,” says Souvik who thinks Prof. Wasan’s words had a life-changing impact on him.

Souvik had arrived at Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida to up his game in Management and especially Finance, and walk out with a placement offer from one of the big fours in Consulting but even after having almost all the blocks perfectly fit in the puzzle, it was not cakewalk. The final stumbling stone arrived when Souvik was not selected at the versant test of Deloitte. However, luck has a way for people who really are worthy of it. “After few days, he was given a second chance for full retest of the Versant and Aptitude rounds. He knew this was the only chance. He left no stone unturned in his preparation, and when the time actually arrived, he cleared all the rounds- one after another,”.

Souvik says, “If you ask me about my few significant achievements in last 2 years at Jaipuria Noida, I would quantify them from a more humane level. I think I changed as a person. I was an introvert, extremely shy. That of course got entirely altered with repeated presentations and team building exercises that we are immersed here at Jaipuria, Noida. You just cannot afford to stay inactive or isolated. Beside that, I grew more sensitive about the environment around me. I have evolved into a more responsible citizen, looking for a greener future for the world,”. Of course Souvik’s transition indicates the kind of managers that are stepping out of a B-school that has been consistently working towards creating conscientious human beings.

Souvik specifically attributes his placement achievement to the exposure he got during his summer internship with Thomas Cook at the Credit Control Deptt. According to Souvik, it taught him the importance of being a go-getter. “My Manager had an elaborate project to wrap within a strict deadline of 3 days. The task needed experience and training, however, I along with my four other colleagues of Jaipuria Institute of Management volunteered to take it up. We asked our manager to train us briefly and summarize it for us and then we delved into the project- divided the work among us, consulted each other, reached out for help and spent our time strategically on it. Within 3 days it was done! And we were ushered in with praises and appreciations from various quarters,” he explains. And it was not just the SIP that decided the course of Souvik’s journey. In fact, the study group approach of Jaipuria Institute of Management has been quite popular among the graduates of the B-school since the time the B-school adopted the method.

Souvik is now with Deloitte as a US Tax Consultant and he is all set to make the most of the initial few years of his professional life before deciding any further.

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