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Alumnus Ankit Jain of Jaipuria Noida explores his creative side as a copy writer at Ogilvy & Mather

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After completing their PGDM, most students look forward to getting a foothold in the competitive and dynamic field of management. But Ankit Jain of Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida had other ideas and today he has found his niche as a copy writer at the reputed firm of Ogilvy & Mather. About his interesting career choice, Ankit says, “After finishing their degrees, student run after jobs thinking about competition, recession, salary, settlement, career, promotions, brand value, self worth, etc. These self-assumed responsibilities sometimes help people run away from their creativity.”

But Ankit realized the importance of his own creativity as he went about the interview process after completing his PGDM from Jaipuria Noida. “I realized that everyone wants my efforts, hard work and skills, but no one needs me. In that case, I’m easily replaceable if they find someone else for the job. Then the whole process starts again. Then I thought, ‘Why should I knock at their doors; what if they came to me?’ That is only possible if you have something that the other person doesn’t – and that is your creativity.

So I chose to explore that option further,” he says. Having written Ad copies as a hobby in the past, Ankit decided to make a career out of it. Making it through to the prestigious O & M wasn’t easy, as he struggled for eight months just to get into their office. But it has been worth the wait for him, as he says, “Today, what I’m doing at work only I can do, which makes me feel special. I like the fact that we don’t have a dress code or strict timings for work, but we have to be productive and keep up with deadlines.”

As a copy writer, Ankit’s tasks involve writing jingles, ads and scripts, all challenges he thrives on. “We have to get our ideas approved by our customers and if they don’t, then the process starts all over again. There’s a lot of brain storming and exchange of ideas, which is quite exciting,” he says animatedly. Ankit lives by the belief that creativity doesn’t need any rules because they can be very limiting. Hence, he refuses to be bound by classroom theories and guidelines. “Even the sky is not the limit for us; we have to imagine a world beyond the skies,” he says.

Ankit attributes a lot of his independent and free-spirited attitude to his learning at Jaipuria Noida, which believes helped in creating leaders on campus. “The Jaipuria group needs no introduction, whether in the field of education, business or social service. I had heard many great things about it and when I came here I realised that I hadn’t learned anything from my previous institutes. From classroom learning to responsibilities given during events, Jaipuria Institute of Management strives to create leaders and prepares students for the corporate world,” he adds.

Today, Ankit is making the most of the challenges and opportunities his career offers him, and he loves living in the moment without setting any agendas for tomorrow. He has followed his dreams so far and that has let him soar high in his interesting career. So it seems only natural that he asks aspiring students to build on their creative sides, because that is what can set them apart. “It’s good to dream and if you chase down your dreams, you can make anything possible,” are his final words.

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