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Alumni Mr. Sanjay Mehta engaged the students over a riveting session of “what to expect” once you join the industry

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Alum Mr. Sanjay Mehta of Class 2014 has an air of charisma and candour around him. He is currently working as the Cluster Credit Manager with Ujjivan Small Finance Bank, New Delhi. He is a key trainer for implementation of new RBI guidelines for the company he joined after graduation. In the session held on July 24th, he talked about his growth as a professional and revealed what it takes to have a successful corporate career.

Since he was in their shoes not long ago, it wasn’t difficult for Mr. Mehta to establish easy camaraderie with the audiences during the Alumni interface session, a regular feature at the institute. These sessions motivate students and help them learn from their alum’s experiences. It was interesting to know that the guest speaker had bagged the highest placement package amongst his batch. He shared his placement experience with the students and offered them tips to give it their best shot.

Mr. Mehta has built on that platform and today is member of key committee managing business in the region for his employers. He attributed his success to the power of listening. “You can listen to 500 words but speak only 225 words in a minute. When you listen, you learn. You need to have good listening abilities to reach the next level,” he shared his mantra. According to him another important attribute that helps you do well professionally is the ability to communicate effectively.

It was a lively session with a lot of interaction between the Guest speaker and the students. Mr. Mehta drew from his own experiences at Jaipuria, Jaipur and stressed on the importance of peer learning and understanding one’s passions to do well as a professional. “Jaipuria, Jaipur offers you an excellent platform to grow and become a finished product, both professionally and personally. Grades matter but if you find your identity, success will be yours,” he ended on an encouraging note.

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