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Prof. Ahmed, Enriching GenY With Passion And Attitudinal Optimism at Jaipuria-Noida

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Ahmed sir,as he is fondly called by the students of Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida, is a multi-tasker, and is passionate about each of them. Emphasizing on an all-round development, Moiduddin Ahmedsir, apart from holding the prestigious position of Assistant Professor, Finance and General Management, is also a member of the sports committee, boys’ hostel office and the library committee.

With this, he justifies the “fruitful, enriching and prolific” nature of the institute. He finds the working environment conducive to academics for students as well as the faculty. “I have learnt a lot here,”he says.

Presently, a vital microcosm of Jaipuria-Noida, Ahmed sir has had rich experience in a wide variety of fields. His last job was at Babu Banarasi Das Institute of Management three years ago, preceded by a course in Integral University. But what catches one’s attention is the innate entrepreneurial streak in him. His starting his own business brings home the catalytic force that helped him construct a project on microenterprises. It’s no surprise that an insight into the chaiwala and panwala stay is part of his study.

In spite of the threat of an impending recession, India is doing quite well for its sustenance, he says. For those who wish to turn entrepreneurs, the professor’s wise words are, “In planning to start one’s own business, there is a need for passion.” Zeal, solely, will take one to the aspired state since only this vital element will help cross hurdles with confidence.Being a firm believer in an all-round development, Ahmad sir is glad that Jaipuria Institute of Management lays stress on co-curricular activities along with academics. There is an inside as well as outside classroom development,he says.

Personally, Prof Ahmed prefers the case-study mode of teaching. An application of the theory studied is important for one to make sense of it as well as the situational aspect of the same.Going by the Jaipuria Noida tradition, the mentor and his mentees put their heads together and discuss on forums pertaining to writing learnings, movie summaries, build contacts and develop the professional–personal bond between the faculty members and the students.

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