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A summer internship to PPO at GE Healthcare, Aman from Jaipuria Noida encashed the opportunity on first go.

Management students try to make the most of their internship experiences because often it’s their first direct brush with a professional environment. In many ways, it’s a trial by fire, which offers them an opportunity to make it big right from the outset. And then there are some, like Aman Sharma, who make the opportunity count- like really count in every imaginable way. His internship with GE Healthcare won him a pre placement offer that’s one of the highest placement packages of the year 2019 at Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida. The new Territory Sales Trainee with the global brand relives how it all happened!

It was in the classroom while attending a lecture on Analytics that Aman got the news of the PPO from his mentor. He had clearly impressed his employers during the internship and the placement offer with 9.3 LPA package was a glorious testimony to his performance. “I had worked very hard during my internship and I think it was my way of meeting customers confidently that got me noticed. I believe in doing things in the present right while looking at the future as the bigger picture,” he expresses his simple yet effective strategy.

Travelled extensively in north of India, during his internship, he learned a great deal about healthcare machines and by the end of the internship knew that it was the industry he wanted to work in. “I discovered my passion for it. In my role I will be responsible for Sales and Services of Healthcare machines. I believe my attitude and discipline will help me achieve my professional goals,” he says confidently.

Aman admits that when he first came to Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida he had no idea about placements and industry sectors he wanted to work in. As he pursued his specialization in Marketing and Operations he gained conceptual clarity as well as the confidence to make his mark in the field. “Interacting with industry experts during our program has helped me a lot with self-belief. he says as he now has the launch pad to scale heights of success.

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