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A placement with Mahindra Finance and the two years PGDM with Jaipuria Jaipur explained!

Yashika Damani received a whatsapp from the Placement Committee of Jaipuria Institute of Management, Jaipur informing- “you have been selected by Mahindra Finance.” And her joy knew no bounds. The moment shall forever be etched in her heart.

Having spent two years pursuing PGDM and prepping up for the final placement, Yashika was actively participating in her classroom sessions alongside plethora of club activities. From being the core co-ordinator of all the events at Jaipuria Institute of Management, Jaipur to being the emcee for various Conclaves and valedictory events, this Jaipur girl worked towards her final placement day with confidence, poise and an unwavering determination to succeed. The outcome? A placement as the MT- Operations with Mahindra Finance!

“A lot of things contributed in my bagging the offer,” explains Yashika when asked- what she thinks helped her primarily in convincing the Mahindra Finance interviewers that she is the appropriate fit for the task! “My Summer internship project saw me through. I completed my SIP from HDB Financial Services Ltd., Jaipur. The project was about the evaluation of factors which impact rejection of loan application in PL Salaried class. Through and through, my employers went on asking me questions around it. And I knew what I was talking about,” said Yashika with a smile.

She owes a lot to her mother. “I am the first one in my entire family to go for service. And had it not been for my mother’s encouragement, it would all have been half-traversed,” mentions Yashika. She came to Jaipuria Institute of Management, Jaipur with four primary objectives-

  • To build a personal brand in herself
  • To build a network of influencing connections
  • To learn how to communicate well
  • To present herself in front of a large audience- without fear

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