A narrative on how a Jaipurian is forged from Day 1 at the institute – Prof. Anvay Bhargava reveals the methodology

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When management aspirants enroll for a PGDM program at a B School they rarely have corporate experience. It’s the responsibility of the B-school to ensure that their students get an insider’s view of how the business world functions. Only then can they be industry ready professionals, who are appealing prospects to recruiters. That’s something corporates often say about students of Jaipuria Institute of Management.

What’s the secret?

Prof. Anvay Bhargava, Assistant Professor, Jaipuria Institute of Management, Jaipur reveals the story behind the transformation of a Jaipurian.

According to Prof. Bhargava the development of students into professionals begins from Day 1. Jaipuria Institute of Management employs a carefully chalked out two pronged process that leads the new management recruits in the right direction. “The first instrument is Individual Development Program (IDP) where students are made to do their SWOT analysis. They assess their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and risks. They then figure out their aspirations and we try to locate the visible gaps in the chart,” he says rationally.

The exercise helps the institute have a basic format to work with. It then leverages its corporate network to have inputs from renowned industry professionals. They enlighten the students about the skill sets that are required in the corporate world, which can then be compared to their present set of skills. Jaipuria Institute of Management also focuses on personalized planning for each of its students. Says Prof. Bhargava, “If a student is interested in Income Tax profile at Deloitte, we take the effort to understand what it takes to prepare him or her for that particular role.”

Students’ aspirations and interests are also considered before the all important internships. Prof. Bhargava reveals that students are put through the paces before the internship so that they can give it their best shot. The efforts continue after students are back from their SIPs. “We again start the process with industry experts and connect the students with their industry mentor. Students have to make SIP pitch, which describes their two months’ learning in 3 minutes. It’s recorded and evaluated by industry experts, who offer valuable feedback,” he says.

Another crucial component in the development of students at Jaipuria Institute of Management is the mentorship program. Each faculty member of the institute works with 8 to 10 students to guide them through their academic learning and industry experiences as well. Prof. Bhargava believes it’s an integral part of the Individual Development Program and makes a huge difference to students. “Faculty mentors conduct formal and informal sessions with students every week. It builds their confidence and helps them keep pace with the learning,” he adds.

The industry exposure students of Jaipuria Institute of Management get is not restricted to the summer internships. They can make the most out of several short term and live projects that offer them valuable insights into the functions of the corporate world. “There are various live projects with Big Bazaar, Samsung, IMRB, lifestyle brands etc. We encourage students to go out in the field and gain firsthand experience. We stay in touch with their industry mentors to ensure that they build solid projects,” he concludes. You know that those form the building blocks of future managers.

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