A Farewell Memoir – Jaipuria Noida Seniors ‘We are Gonna Miss You’

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“Every beginning has an end. And every end is a new beginning”. It’s a relentless cycle seen in every aspect of our lives and for the passing out batch of Jaipuria-Noida, it is no exception.

As much as the first-timers anticipate the start of a new season, bidding adieu to their seniors is gonna be a bittersweet experience, to say the least. No, it hasn’t been easy living with them (wink!), but it has been worth every minute. “And so it is…” sighs Piyush Jain, a first year student of Marketing. “I will so much miss Ankit Bhatt sir. Hailing from my hometown, Kanpur he has not only been my senior in college, but also a keen mentor and friend. He helped me choose my area of study and guided me what I needed to do in Marketing. I wish him all the best for his bright career and future success”. Reminiscing the year past Piyush adds “I was lucky to have a senior like him.”

Mohammed Ali, another first-year student wishes luck to all his seniors who have been placed. “Thank you for your guidance and company” he says. “You made life easy for us – from guiding us through directions in the city, to yummy eateries open late at night – you helped us indulge in some great late night snacking” he jokingly adds.

Bidding adieu to his seniors, Sameer states that they were – an excellent batch. “Our seniors have been extremely supportive and there was not one incidence of ragging. We were all made to feel at home from day one and I look forward to joining them next year.” Sure, many of these seniors will go to their respective industries and earn large pay checks for doing what they love to do, but deep inside their beings they know that it won’t measure up to the thrill and ‘masti’ of college time.

As much as we are ready to move on, we wish the very best for our college and juniors too. “The juniors have worked really very hard with Punarsangam – Alumni Meet and Udaan. They have a lot of potential and I wish them all the best!” says Deepak, a passing out student. Aarthi, another senior wants her juniors to work hard during their internships as it is an important stepping stone onto the real world. “Pay full attention to what you’re taught during these three months” she guides “and don’t miss to have lots of fun”. Someway, somehow, we’ve bonded with our seniors and it’s as hard to see them go as it is for themto say