A chat with Mr. Deepak Singhal, President & CFO, Philipin Manufacturing Company, on the sidelines of Jaipuria Noida’s Finance Conclave.

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Close on the heels of the HR Conclave, Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida hosted a high-profile Finance Conclave. The conclave, organised by the Finance Club at Jaipuria Noida, was held on the 15th of September, 2012. Financial wizards from various industries were seen discussing the ‘Emerging Paradigm in the Financial Sector’, and one such was Mr. Deepak Singhal, President and CFO, Philipin Manufacturing Company. An MBA from IIM Ahmedabad and a Mechanical Engineering graduate from Birla Institute of Technology, Mr. Singhal has more than 25 years of experience in the Finance domain, with numerous success stories to his credit.

Priyanka Priya, the on-campus journalist of Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida, caught up with Mr. Deepak Singhal.

Priyanka: Thank you for finding the time to talk to us at Jaipuria Noida. From a management student’s perspective, do you think being good with numbers is the only key to success in Finance?

Mr. Deepak Singhal: No. Being good with numbers is very important, but even more importantly, you should learn to analyse these figures and draw conclusions.

Priyanka:When we join as freshers in a management school, we have a lot of apprehensions about Finance as a subject. Do you have some words of wisdom for us? How should freshers approach Finance?

Mr. Deepak Singhal: Why should there be apprehensions? Finance is very easy; it’s not a complex subject. It is as interesting as any other subject. Just approach it with an open mind.

Priyanka: What is the current placement scenario in the Finance sector? Where does a fresher stand?

Mr. Deepak Singhal:Finance has a lot of scope, because it is an intrinsic part of every industry across the globe. A finance manager has a world of options – Accounting, Controlling, MIS, Budgeting, Treasury … the list is endless. Freshers with sound basics will automatically grow in this field.

Priyanka: Can you please amplify the last statement? What would you describe as sound basics for somebody who has landed a Finance profile in the corporate world?

Mr. Deepak Singhal: You should know your subject and responsibilities well. That is the only basis of initial success. Your domain-knowledge should be beyond doubt. With time, management skills, human skills and soft skills slowly come into play, especially at the senior and top management positions. But you have to keep on grooming yourself in that line.

Priyanka: Lastly, what would be your word of advice to students of Jaipuria Institute of Management?

Mr. Deepak Singhal: The buzzword today is ‘fresh’. Keep your mind fresh; come up with fresh ideas and innovations. Your ability to compete will take you guys a long way, but your ability to innovate will be the game-changer.

Priyanka: Thank you for your time, Sir. I hope Jaipuria Noida students get to hear you more often. You’ve been truly inspiring.