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7 Management skills which made Marvel Studio Avengers win over Thanos

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The admiring, delightful and enthralling Avengers, based on the Marvel Comics superheroes held the attention of the audience since years and now the wait is over. All eyes were on the release date of Avengers End Game this year. The plethora of characters have their own potential and enthusiasm within them, let us see how it excelled in giving leadership lessons to the audience.

1. Team Spirit:

Infinity war assembles the largest cast of superheroes having remarkable powers to fight off Thanos (Josh Brolin). The movie shows how an enthusiastic team is way better than one person. They came together to work for one heaven purpose that is to SAVE THE UNIVERSE! When an organization comes together for a purpose they should put their emotions, ego and the grudges aside like in this movie, all the superheroes neglected the past and they did not lose the sight of their mission.

No matter what challenge comes while pursuing the goal, the team leader should not let them lose their sight and reinforce the purpose and mission of the team. The team should have their eye towards the goal and forget the internal conflicts for the greater good.

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2. Emotional Intelligence:

Emotional intelligence even in the high-pressure situations is necessary. Iron Man (Robert Downey), Dr. Strange (Benedict), Spider-Man and the Guardians of the Galaxy figures out a plan to defeat Thanos once he arrives on Titan in pursuit of the Time Stone. Star-Lord couldn’t overcome his emotions when he learns about Gamora’s death. He disrupts the plan in between. It was a defeat for the Avengers.

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Though our lives are full of frustrations, personal emotions, circumstances that are out of control. The team should have control over their emotions and despite the external or negative environment, they master their skills into the good cause for the team, organization and also for himself.

3. The good intention always wins:

Before strength, zeal, goal and before anything else, what matters is the intention and the will to achieve success. The team’s aim was to save the universe and their tremendous will made them succeed to the goal. Though Thanos believed with every fibre of his being that his method of targeting overpopulation would save the universe he didn’t realize how many hearts did he break who couldn’t move on. The Avengers came with good intention for the good cause and they were able to defeat Thanos at the end.

Chase what you believe, but take the time to understand the other side. It could change lives.

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4. Be the savage boss:

Captain America (Steve Rogers) is one of the Marvel’s most iconic heroes since the beginning of the franchise and he proves it successively in the Endgame. Though he’s a superhero but his human qualities make him stand out. His weapon is a shield, which he often uses to protect his mates and the team and this is what he did at the end and used his weapon appropriately while fighting Thanos with Thor (Chris Hemsforth).


5. Find a way to overcome the weakness of an individual:

Even after losing the strength, will to fight, his tool, and also the physical strength altogether, he thought he could not fight. But the team did not make him lose the mind’s strength.

It is an important lesson for all the leaders that losing an important loss or resource in your team doesn’t mean the game is over. Before anything else, the power of your mind matters and Thor proves it by saying – “I’m still worthy.” He didn’t really rely on the single resource or the skill and overcame his weakness.

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6. Sacrifice:

Tony Stark was the only one who did not want to sacrifice his family and he became the one & sacrificed his family and himself towards the end of the Endgame. He uses all the infinity stones to wish Thanos and his team out of existence but exerts so much strength that he dies in the process. Also, how can we forget the loss of Black Widow to attain the Soul Stone.

Sometimes, the process of achieving the goal needs sacrificing your personal instincts which lead to success. “No victory comes without sacrifice”.


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7. Patience is the rectitude:

The patience level of Thanos is remarkable and strategic in the Endgame. He knew where all the 6 Infinity Stones are located. He knew the strength and weaknesses of the leaders holding them. He went beyond everybody’s imagination.

Challenge yourself and your team to think about both short and long-term effects with patience and make sure there are rewards and incentives after the goal is achieved.

Avengers: Endgame executed its ambitious vision, which was to combine all of the key Marvel heroes fighting for the one cause. The action starts in the beginning and never lets up until the end. Though the ending will leave you emotional, the tears are worth it when the goal is achieved.

“Big victories require big losses, but in the end, they might just be worth it.”

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